Good morning guys!

Coming to you with two reviews in three days and I've got plenty more lined up for you all. I've been invited to almost every single restaurant of Harpo's and not a single one has disappointed me. I had never been to Colombo fort cafe but my sister had been here before and she really liked it. I heard so many good things about it from friends and family so I was excited to check it out myself. I have to say even though it falls under the 'cafe' category it's a very fancy one indeed. 

Lychee & Regular Mojito - We decided to try the virgin mojitos at Colombo fort cafe. I had never had a lychee mojito in my life and I have never seen a lychee on a mojito menu before. My sister ordered the regular so that we could compare the basic taste of their mojito. I would definitely recommend you to go for a flavored mojito as it's always a better choice. I've had a passion fruit, blueberry and strawberry mojito before but I think the lychee is one of my favorites! it reminded me of a drink I use to have growing up, unless my parents brought me with lychee mojitos. The both of us preferred the lychee so I highly recommend it, definite thumbs up! Rs.775

Calamari Rings - This is a starter loved by most people unless you're allergic to seafood of course. The calamari rings are super chunky and crispy and it comes with a really good sauce. Theres also batter fried chunks of bell peppers, so it compliments the calamari well. This is a starter that needs to be shared by two as it can be quite filling, unless you're having it as a main dish. We really enjoyed this starter, I mean anything battered is always a YES from us! 

Bourbon Pork Chops - This is a dish of two succulent pan seared chops, with bourbon peach sauce & grilled vegetables. From the meat lovers who have visited Colombo fort cafe before said that they have some of the best pork dishes. Can you guess who ordered this dish? CORRECT! My sister loves pork chops so she decided to go with this. First impressions were that the dish looks absolutely delicious! I don't eat meat and even I wanted to have a piece of that. The grilled vegetables and the peach sauce was absolutely exquisite and my sister really did enjoy the pork chops as well. I think the portions at Colombo fort cafe are generous and quite filling which makes the dish completely worth it. Rs.1925

Parmesan Crusted King Prawns - It was a debate between this dish and the chili prawn alioli. I struggled so much that I had to ask the waiter which one I should go with, because apparently he knows my taste buds the best. He suggested the king prawns as it comes with rice and said it would be a perfect meal for lunch. This is a dish of three king sized tiger prawns topped with a parmesan crust, drizzled with chili oil, served with rice & greens. The parmesan crusted king prawns looked absolutely heavenly with a side of beans and white rice. I have to say that I'm a person who does not enjoy dry food as much, I always need some gravy or sauce with my food. Combining the prawns, beans and rice together would have been a little better if there was a little more gravy/sauce to compliment the three together. I did ask the waiter if there was anything that I could have to go with the dish and he was kind enough to bring me two varieties of chili sauces. The king prawns are a definite 10/10 from me though! Next time I visit the cafe I'm going to try the chili prawn alioli. Rs.2650

Crème Brûlèe - As usual we were utterly stuffed at this point but like I said in my previous review, I could not disappoint my readers who love their desserts. There were nine desserts to chose from the menu so we decided to go with something I have not reviewed before. The lucky winner was the crème brûlèe and we were so happy that they had one last one available. If you are visiting Colombo fort cafe just to try this I recommend you calling and checking if there are any available to avoid disappointment. This was one of my favorite desserts I've had in my life, ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Not overpoweringly sweet, did not lack sweetness, the top was glazed perfectly and cracked easily. I think this dessert deserves a 12/10 because even though we could not eat anymore we forced ourselves to finish this before we left. Rs.400

I also have to mention that Colombo fort cafe had some of the best staff I've seen in Sri Lanka. They were not only polite to us but polite to everyone else who walked in. They would greet guests outside the restaurant and direct them to a table which I thought was very polite. Some restaurants in Sri Lanka the staff don't even acknowledge you and you end up having to wave your hand to get their attention. It was nice that they made us feel at home and comfortable which always makes our dinning experience a pleasant one. I hope you all enjoyed this review and thank you for all the love you guys have been sending my way. You guys make all of this so much better!