Hi guys, I hope all of you are having a lovely start to 2018 so far! Cafe Beverly was the first review I've done for this year and I was glad we started off with a good one. After I shared some of the dishes with you all on my Instagram stories I received a lot of inquiries about most of the dishes we ordered. Welcome to my blog to all my new readers, I usually talk about each dish individually starting from top to bottom so if you wish to scroll up to have a look at the picture it's in the exact same order. The first thing I have to say is that I love the menu at cafe Beverly! They have a wide variety of Thai food, Indian, Italian and sea food dishes to chose from. So its a great place to visit with your friends if you all crave different flavors and dishes. 

Hot Chocolate & Smoothie - Lately I've been wanting to try the hot chocolate everywhere I went so that I know where the best place in Colombo is for hot chocolate. The hot chocolate at cafe Beverly is served more like a latte and it comes with a cookie which I liked. I personally like my hot chocolate in a cup rather than a tall glass, maybe that's just me. However, it was really good and I really liked the cookie on the side. Nayan personalized his smoothie with a blend of strawberry and banana. I think being able to personalize your smoothie is great because I know so many who dislike certain fruits but who love smoothies. This is a great way to add only the fruits you love in to a perfect smoothie. They also have a wide variety of drinks and detoxing drinks that I highly recommend! 

Prawn Tower - For starters we decided to go with something I could have tried as well, so we decided to try the prawn tower. This appetizer comes with a lot of bell peppers, chopped prawns and a mix of other vegetables. It was a really good appetizer but if you want something with a lot of prawns you might be disappointed as there is a higher number of vegetables than prawns. It was still a very good dish that Nayan really enjoyed and the plating was simply beautiful! 

Herb infused chicken breast - This dish was ordered by Nayan and he had such a hard time choosing from all the delicious meat options on the menu. He finally decided to go with chicken as I know that's a common meat eaten by many. I don't know if you saw the video of him enjoying this dish but he really was over joyed with his order. The portion of the mash potato and chicken are quite generous and absolutely worth the price! It also comes with a side salad and topped with two sauces which I highly recommend for you to try. I have to say the plating is a lot different to what I remember when I first visited Cafe Beverly and I think each and every dish looks absolutely delicious! 

Prawn Pad Thai -  I have never reviewed a pad Thai for you guys so I decided to order it at cafe Beverly. This dish comes with prawns and chicken but I requested to try only the prawns. If you are allergic to prawns you can request just the chicken. My first impressions of the dish was that it looked beautiful and I also noticed that it was quite reddish in color. I have had many pad Thai dishes before and it is usually brownish in color so I was keen on tasting this dish. It was sweeter than any pad Thai I've had before and tasted slightly saucy. I think the sauce was what gave it the reddish color and the sweet and sour flavor. It was slightly overpowering which makes it hard to finish the dish considering that the portion is quite large as well. The waiter did inform us that this dish would be sweet but I thought it would be like a normal pad Thai. If you're someone who enjoys sweet and sour noodles then this dish is perfect for you. I did enjoy the prawns a lot, it was my favorite part of this Pad Thai. 

Chocolate Mousse and Cake - For dessert we decided to share the chocolate mousse even though we were so full! I know some of you want me to review dessert as well so I couldn't let you down this time. This mousse is a 10/10 from me and Nayan! Super portion with layers, topped with a chocolate chip plate and a cherry. A definite must try when you visit cafe Beverly. There was also a surprise cake organized for me by the team and it was the sweetest thing ever! I did not expect anything and it was definitely a pleasant surprise with an absolutely delicious cake!I cant thank cafe Beverly enough for such a kind gesture, I truly did appreciate it. 

Another cool thing about visiting cafe Beverly is that it's a part of a department store with ladies, gents and kids clothes. You can either shop before you dine at the cafe or after, what's better than shopping and eating in one place?! I hope you guys enjoyed this review and I cant wait to hear about the dishes you tried at cafe Beverly. I hope you guys have a wonderful week ahead!