Hi guys!

I know it's been sometime since I've done a review, I'm spacing things out now because I'm putting a lot more time in to exciting things that are coming up. I visited Park Street Mews restaurant last Saturday for lunch and I wanted to try a few things that I usually wouldn't have ordered. We started with the Avacado bruschetta, followed by the eggs benedict with smoked salmon and the sea food platter. Even though the dessert menu had quite a lot of varieties to chose from I went with the white chocolate and yoghurt with strawberry sorbet, because never have I ever tried this one before.

Avocado bruschetta - For those of you who are not familiar with what bruschetta is, it's one of my favorite starters to order! It's an Italian dish that's grilled bread rubbed with garlic, topped with olive oil and salt. It is also topped with cheese, vegetables, avocado, beans or specific types of meat. So far I have not reviewed a bruschetta dish before so N and I decided to try it out. First impressions of the dish was how all those beautiful colors were combined together and I noticed that it wasn't the typical bread a restaurant would use for bruschetta. The bread was so fluffy and soft, topped with olives, tomato, avocado, cheese, onions and greens it all complimented each other so well and we absolutely loved the bruschetta at the park street mews restaurant. If you have never had this dish before, it's a definite must try starter!

Eggs benedict with smoked salmon - The eggs benedict also comes with bacon but N went with the smoked salmon this time. I would have to say that this dish is very cute and I was sad that he had to break it apart. Even though it may seem like a little portion the dish is quite rich and creamy with a generous amount of smoked salmon added. Before I could have looked up again the waiter was clearing his plate... he finished the dish that fast. Try this out if you're heading over for breakfast or brunch, it's a dish full of cuteness and flavor. (800lkr)

Seafood platter - A sea food platter is also something I have never ordered at a review before so being a pescatarian I was quite excited for this one. Once my platter arrived I was taken back by how big the portion was. I forgot how a sea food platter looked like for a moment... The sea food platter at the park street mews restaurant is a chunky dish full of crispy fried calamari rings, grilled jumbo prawns, lobster, grilled fish, thick fries and a mixed salad with a guacamole dip. N and I both shared this dish as it's without a doubt a dish for two, unless you're a champ and think you can finish it by yourself. My favorite on the platter was the crispy battered calamari rings, the prawns and the lobster and the fries and the guacamole dip. I almost mentioned everything that was on the platter. For 2700lkr this dish was highly worth it! Really loved that they added a guacamole dip with the platter, never seen that before. If you're a sea food lover, TRY THIS!

White chocolate and yoghurt with strawberry sorbet - Like I mentioned earlier I stepped out of my comfort zone from any chocolate dessert and tried this one instead. I generally love sorbet but with the combination of white chocolate and yoghurt I was excited to try it out. You're suppose to pour the yoghurt in to the dish full of strawberries and the sorbet. The idea is to have it like a soup and enjoy it leisurely. Both of us loved the strawberry sorbet combined with the fresh strawberries and even though we were so full after all that amazing food we still tried our best to finish the dessert. (525lkr)

The staff was very friendly and attentive not only to us but I was watching how they attended to other customers and they were always on the go paying attention to when someone needed their assistance. I also need to mention about the complimentary bread given before the meal. There are two types, one is toast bread that comes with butter and jam and then there is another cushion type bread that comes with the park street mews restaurants home made butter. That home made butter is absolute heaven! N was a little impatient to wait until all the dishes arrived so that I could take my pictures, he loved it that much!

I hope all of you enjoyed this review :) Thank you for all the love you guys DM me every day, I appreciate every single one of them! Have an amazing rest of the week!