Hi guys,

I hope you've had an amazing week so far! It's been a couple of days since I visited Saraii and I want to tell you guys about all my experiences. Saraii village not only invited me but also asked me to bring along five of my friends to spend the weekend with me. I got to do so many thing for the first time at Saraii Village and it was quite the experience!

DAY 01

We left Colombo at around 5am and it took us about 5hrs to reach Saraii. On our first day we arrived in time for breakfast where we were offered a bowl of fruits followed by a Sri Lankan meal with milk rice, rotti, string hoppers with curries and we were also given two dishes from their western menu which was an omelette and fried eggs with sausages. I would have to say the food is Saraii is one of the best things about visiting. Whether it was an English breakfast or a traditional Sri Lankan meal it was absolutely delicious. 

After breakfast we were escorted to our tree house and mud chalet to freshen up. During our visit we were also apart of a little shoot for Saraii village which was organized by their team, hence why we could not spend our weekend at Saraii Village leisurely. After we finished our location shoot we had a couple of minutes to freshen up again for lunch as we unfortunately caught one of the warmest days of the week. The lunch was a beautiful spread of different varieties of Sri Lankan curries and vegetables which I'm sure you would have seen in my video. All of us enjoyed the food prepared as it was full of flavor and as some like to call it proper "gamey" food. 

After we had all had lunch we were then taken on our weaving excursion. All of us split up and we travelled in tuks to our weaving location which was about 10 minutes away. Once we arrived they had chairs placed for all of us to sit and a lady from the village taught us how to weave a table mat. It's quite challenging to even get two steps right and I honestly gained so much respect for all the weavers out there. So much work goes in to dyeing and carefully weaving bags, table mats and hats that are sold on the side of the road. Weaving was one of the things I did for the first time.


After the weaving excursion we had a couple of minutes to ride bicycles and drink thambili (king coconut) closer to the weaving shop. We then headed back to Saraii and got back to taking more photos before we freshened up for dinner. A beautiful pool side BBQ was organized for us during our stay and it was such a nice experience to share with my friends, as we sat on mats sipping on wine and indulging in a nice bbq. This meal was a little more special as we got to sit down with the owner of Saraii Village and his family. 

After a long day of traveling and being out and about the one thing we were looking forward to heading back to our tree house and mud chalets and getting a good nights sleep as we had to wake up the next day at 5am. Despite being tired I was looking forward to our fishing and boat ride the next morning, so we all rushed to bed as soon as possible after taking a few more shots after dinner.

DAY 02 

If you are staying in a tree house I strongly recommend you sleep with the net down as we woke up to so many bugs stuck to our net. We were also faced with giant black bugs that were flying around our tree house which was quite noisy and they were attracted to the lights so we had the trouble of keeping the lights on as we tried to get ready at 5am. Once we were all ready we were taken in tractors to the lake which was such a nice experience as you get to see all the peacocks on the way to the lake. The tractor ride was another thing I did for the first time. 

Once we got to the lake we had to split in to pairs in order to go by a Fishermans boat to our breakfast location which was beside the lake. On the way we literally had to fish for our breakfast and the fisherman prepared a fresh catch for us to have with roast paan and polsambol. Being a pescatarian I could not eat the fish after I saw it being caught and chopped in front of my own eyes, I'm considering being a vegetarian after this experience even though it is a nice gesture organized by the fisherman. This excursion is $25 which I think is a brilliant way to help our local fisherman and also experience a beautiful scenery while picnicking beside the lake. I think this was one of my favorite things we got to do at Saraii Village. 

After our picnic we posed with some fishing rods and had a tiny go at rod fishing. Theres plenty of excursions to chose from at Saraii village for your weekend adventure away. After our breakfast by the beautiful lake we headed back in the tractor. After we took more photos at Saraii we were then taken around to another lake in the safari jeep. That was a nice little ride that we all enjoyed for a couple of minutes.  

For lunch Saraii Village had organized for us to be apart of a traditional Sri Lankan lunch in a local farmers backyard. They had prepared such an amazing meal for us the way farmers usually cook their day to day meals. I was so thankful for this experience that they had gone all out just to host us. I shared a picture of it on my Instagram and it's rare that I share a picture like that but that's how much I enjoyed that meal. 

And for my favorite part of my entire weekend, pottery! I've always wanted to give pottery a go and I'm very much in to art and crafts so I was super excited for this excursion! This would be another thing I tried for the first time during my weekend. Each one of us had a go to make anything of our choice and it's something I can definitely see myself doing as a hobby. It truly is sad that pottery has become a dying craft today. I enjoyed it so much!

After the pottery excursion we had to take more photos in Saraii village before we freshened up again in different tree houses and once we were done we were then taught how to do lotus art by Ana. This activity took me back to being in foundation and it made me realize how much I missed painting. This is a fun activity for kids to do as well. After our lotus painting we were suppose to have dinner at Saraii but finished a few minutes early and we headed back to Colombo. I recommend visiting Saraii for two nights minimum as it can be very exhausting traveling and trying to get in an excursion or two in one night. 

I hope you guys do visit Saraii village and try out some of their cool excursions. I would love to hear about your experiences too and what was your favorite thing about visiting Saraii. Another thing that I really loved was that we got to stay over in a tree house rather than the usual hotel rooms. It made us feel like kids again and we absolutely loved it! They also have yoga and other fun activities. I'll link their website down below so that you can have a look for yourself!