Hi guys,I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! Off the hook invited me last Wednesday to review their Sri Lankan night menu for you guys and I was thrilled as this was the first Sri Lankan food review I was doing. They offered us everything on this particular menu from string hoppers, to kotttu, hoppers, pittu and roti. We also tried two different types of mojitos as we felt those went well with all the dishes. There's also a live calypso band playing, which adds to the perfect ambience for a Sri Lankan dinner night.

Strawberry and passion fruit mojito - The mojitos came in a bigger glass than expected which was a pleasant surprise. I've always received mojitos in a smaller glass so this was a plus point with our drinks. It taste like a usual mojito with bits of fruit on the inside and we really enjoyed these two. Off the hook has a wide variety of drinks from juices, sodas, cocktails, mocktails and other types of liquor as they have a bar inside the restaurant.

Seafood cheese kottu - This was our favorite amongst all the dishes! I even posted a video of it on my Instagram stories captioning it 'best kottu I've had' and it truly was. I think every single one of you need to head over to Off the hook and try out their seafood cheese kottu. Absolutely loved this dish, definite 10/10 (Rs 460 +100 with cheese)

Jaffna prawn curry - We were given the option of ordering any fish we liked, so we asked the waiter to recommend us a dish and he said any of the Jaffna curries would be perfect. We wanted to go for the crab curry but it's always a hassle enjoying crabs in  restaurant, so we went with prawns. The Jaffna curry went well with every single dish we had, so when you do go for their Sri Lankan night order one of their Jaffna curries! 10/10

Pol roti set - This is a dish of 4 nos rotti, spicy dhal and lunu miris. The rotti was extremely soft with bits of carrot, green chilly and onions in it. The dhal was really good and went well with the lunu miris. The rotti and the Jaffna prawn curry together is just heaven, TRY IT! I would rate this 9/10 including the curry. (Rs 300)

Hopper set - I wish I tried the hoppers as soon as we got them but after taking a few photos and starting with the kottu (as I used a fork) the hoppers weren't as crispy by the time I got to it. It's a tie between the roti and the egg hoppers. I really liked both of these, so give both of these dishes a try! You get 1 egg hopper, 3 plain hoppers, pol sambol, kata sambol and potato curry. All of these are vegetarian so you really need to order a curry separately if you need meat or a seafood dish and I think that really compliments the items on the Sri Lankan menu. They also have the option of prawn hoppers, savory cheese hoppers and crab meat hoppers. Never heard of such a thing before, I'm definitely going back to try these out! (Rs 420)

String hopper set - 15 nos string hoppers, spicy tempered dhal, kiri hodi and pol sambol. What I loved most about this dish was that the string hoppers were super light and fluffy. This was one of my least favorite dishes not because it lacked flavor but because I would simply not order string hoppers when I go out, even if it is a Sri Lankan night. I would rather opt for the kottu, hoppers or roti but it was a good dish aswell. (Rs 350)

Pittu set - This dish comes with 1 roll pittu, pol kiri, lunu miris and kiri hodi. This dish was my least favorite as I generally never eat pittu but I tasted it for you guys just for the review. When I was serving the pittu I realized that it was slightly harder to break, where as I remember it's suppose to break easily. I tried the pittu with kiri hodi and lunu miris and I actually prefer the pittu to be that way instead light. I personally think that it gives more texture to the pittu. My friend said the pittu tasted really good with the Jaffna prawn curry, I think anything would taste good with any of the Jaffna curries on the off the hook menu. (Rs 340)

Kiri appa and hakuru appa - Even though we were super full after trying all those amazing dishes, for dessert we were offered the kiri and hakuru appa. I have never tried any of these prior to the review and I hadn't even heard of such a hopper before. I'm definitely not a fan of the kiri appa but the hakuru (jiggery) hopper was absolutely delicious. I wish I hadn't overfed myself and was able to actually finish the whole hakuru appa, because it was so good! If you go to off the hook on a Wednesday make sure to end your meal with one of these hoppers.

Where -  Park road, Colombo 03

Time  - 9am - 11pm

Reservation - 0112505818