Hi guys,I hope all of you had an amazing weekend! My tea avenue review is finally here after many of you wanted this one, after seeing all these dishes on my Instagram stories. When tea avenue invited me for a review, my sister accompanied me and they literally gave us quite a feast to try out. The staff was amazing and friendly which made us feel at home and very comfortable. We were also told that we did not have to finish all of these dishes that it was simply for me to taste and review but yes, the both of us finished every single one of these dishes!


Peach ice tea - If you have been following my blog for sometime you probably know that ice teas are one of my favorite drinks. Keeps me super hydrated and I love all flavors of ice tea. I would definitely suggest trying out the peach ice tea especially if you're ordering a heavy meal they compliment each other perfectly! (lkr480)

Peppermint matcha frappe - This guy was the trickiest out of the lot. It was the first time I tried matcha so it was quite interesting. If you like matcha this drink would be perfect for you cause it has a hint of peppermint as well. It's a drink you need to acquire a taste for as I feel like not many people might be fans of matcha but I'm so glad I tried it. If you feel like being daring, order it and let me know your experience with the peppermint matcha frappe at tea avenue! (lkr 650)

Ferrero lavish - It was quite interesting to see how they garnish the shake and the tool they use to pour the chocolate sauce. I've had a Ferrero shake before in Dubai and we struggled to finish it because the consistency of the shake was so thick that half way through we felt sick. So I was happy to compare the two and the Ferrero lavish at tea avenue is SO GOOD! It's not overpoweringly sweet and the consistency is not too thick which makes it easy to drink. This was my favorite drink out of the three and it's what I'll order again when I visit tea avenue. (lkr 890)  


Signature burger - This beast of a burger comes with potato wedges, guacamole, onion rings, relish, fried egg, chicken patty and melted cheddar cheese! The signature burger is only available after 6pm so make sure you head to tea avenue just in time to try out this beast! My sister took out the chicken patty for me to try out the burger (as I am a pescatarian) and the flavors are just amazing, I mean look at that burger! This and the ice tea compliments each other so well. The potato wedges are thick and crispy, the bun is fresh, and the sauce with those onion rings are just so good! My sister said that she really liked the chicken patty as well and she wished her boyfriend was there to try it out. So that means it was really good. It may seem a little pricy but it's totally worth it. Definite must try! (lkr 1,200)

Chicken and sweet corn sandwich - If you're in the mood for a cup of coffee and a delicious sandwich that has that home cooked vibe to it this is perfect for you! The bread is toasted roast paan which explains why it's so good. I'm not sure if I could have that as a whole meal but it's definitely a good snack! (lkr 620)

Nutella waffle - The waffle comes with a generous amount of Nutella spread over the top of the waffle topped with slices of strawberry and whipped cream. This is another perfect home cooked dish if you have a sweet tooth. This was the last dish we left to try out properly and I left a slice behind cause I was too full but I grabbed the plate back and managed to somehow finish it. If you're not a fan of sweets this would be perfect to share with a friend as it can get quite rich towards the end as the waffle itself is quite big in size. (lkr 950)

The creamy prawn pasta - I usually order pastas when I visit tea avenue but I hadn't tried this particular one before. I'm a fan of all their prawn pastas anyway, I even dragged my friend a few months ago to tea avenue to have pasta with me. If you do order a pasta definitely try out one of their prawn ones as you get quite a lot of prawns and its so creamy and filling! I'm kind of craving this dish right now... You can also chose from a white or red sauce pasta so make sure you definitely try out one of them (lkr 880)

My favorite drink from the whole review was the Ferrero lavish and the prawn pasta! If I did eat chicken then it would definitely be the signature burger. I love when you guys try out dishes I review and tell me how much you enjoyed it as well. So if you do go to tea avenue I would love to know what you tried out and whether you liked it as much as I did. I hope you guys have an amazing week ahead!