Hello my chicky bananas! So I was invited for the ever glow beauty launch at jetwing sea and I did not want to publish the post a few days after the launch as I wanted to test out the free body lotion that we received as it takes a few weeks to actually get use to a product or see results. I always want to give you guys genuine tips and opinions that's why this post took a little longer than usual. 

I have to say the number one thing that I love about these products is that its all natural ingredients that's going on to your skin. No artificial chemicals that sometimes ages your skin with time. So if you're ever using any type of beauty product look for products that focuses around promoting natural ingredients as it's the safest for your skin on the long run. Ever since I started using the lotion it's automatically been apart of my daily routine even though I have several lotions to chose from I realized that I automatically reach out for the earth essence lotion instead. 

They also have lotions to treat stretch marks, anti wrinkle cream, hand and nail cream (Which I think most of us tend to neglect), face masks and many more amazing products! If you guys can get your hands on these test it out for a couple of days or weeks and you'll notice that you gravitate to it more than the other products you use. I find knowing that it's all natural products makes me want to use it more and more. 

Once the launch of the products were done we then had brunch and did a little bit of shopping from the sari connection and headed back home after the raffle draw. It was the first time I visited Jetwing Sea and I'm planning to visit again to actually enjoy the beautiful beach and the hotel.