The Sheik Zayed Mosque, also known as the grand mosque was opened in Abu Dhabi 10 years ago as the worlds biggest mosque. Apart from it's amazing architecture, the mosque is also gold plated and has the worlds biggest chandelier and worlds largest carpet inside the prayer room. Many Christian architectures were also involved in the making of the grand mosque. I'll have more shots of it in my April video I'm making, it's truly a beautiful and calm place to visit. The mosque is open to tourists but women need to be dressed modestly including head cover. If you do not have a head cover they provide you with an abaya where you can change in separate changing rooms. I would say avoid visiting the mosque on a Friday and try to make it in the morning or a little before sunset. The Sheik Zayed mosque is really a must visit place when you visit Abu Dhabi. This was the third time I've visited and it inspires me every time I visit.

So... as you guys may or may not know, Hanan is one of my best friends in Abu Dhabi. We use to go to school together and I've known her for almost 10 years! Weird, almost the same amount of years the mosque was built, haha! She takes me to all these cool places when I visit and it just clicked me that it always involves food. This ice cream was one of the places she introduced me to this time in Yas mall right next to Ferrari world. The flower ice cream cones are almost too pretty to eat!

I've been here almost four days and I've done so much since! The first day I landed my sister and I wanted to go out for some Easter dinner. So we tried the noodle house at Al Wahda mall, Asian fusion food to be specific. I would have done a review on this place but I was spending time with my sister after so long I just wanted to relax and enjoy our time and food. I will keep posting on my Abu Dhabi travel page every week because I'll be here for sometime. So don't forget to have a look once in a while. I will be going to Dubai over the weekend for some reviews and shopping, so stay tuned to my travel page for Dubai travel tips ;) I hope you all had a wonderful easter!