spring rolls, rich & red thai prawn curry with steam rice, northern twist prawns with garlic roast paan, king coconut and naarang juice

Spring rolls - My sister and I decided to stop at Isso for lunch the other day. We ordered the spring rolls for starters and it looks like prawns wrapped in a blanket! Really crispy on the outside and stuffed with prawns almost like a white sauce, creamy on the inside.

Rich & red - There are three different size prawns you can chose from L, XL to XXL. There's also an open kitchen where you can see the size of the prawns to get a better idea if you are unsure. I love Thai food so I decided to go with the rich and red Thai curry. They also have a few dishes you can chose from roast paan, steam rice, egg fried rice etc. Steam rice pairs the best with a Thai curry so I went along with that. We chose the XL prawn and I have to say the portions are very generous! Filled with prawns, towards the end I struggled to finish my dish. I wondered how big the XXL prawn would be if the XL was this big, so good and so filling!

Northern twist - My sister ordered the northern twist prawns with roast paan (bread). Our server was Asela and he was very helpful with our order, giving us tips on what would go best roast paan. He mentioned that this would not have any gravy to pair with the roast paan but she wanted to try this one out. I found this preparation a little more spicy than the red curry but it was equally as good as the curry. I don't think you can go wrong with any order at Isso. Both of ours came with a garden salad, I would only say it was a bit of a struggle to eat in the plastic boxes with the compartments. Would have been much easier if it was served on plates but the box is perfect if you are ordering for delivery.

We were also offered with complimentary dessert, with two chunky milk toffees. I'm personally not a fan of milk toffees, the only ones I loved were the ones at Odel until I was offered one at Isso. 100 points for the milk toffees, haha!

Price range - aprx. 2000lkr with drink (depending on what size prawns)

Location    - 2, Sulaiman terrace. Colombo. Off Jawatta road

Open timings- Open everyday 12pm-3-pm and 6pm-11pm