(Margot Robbie - Brioche French Toast)

                                                         (Mr.Benny - Eggs Benedict With Smoked Salmon)   


                                                                     (Neopolitan - Granola Bowl)


I need to start off my first cafe review by saying that OneUp is the best breakfast cafe I've been to! I've been wanting to try this place for so long and I'm so glad that I did! We started off with a mango, banana and coconut smoothie, avocado juice and a hot chocolate to get an idea of different varieties on the menu. The hot chocolate was excellent, and the juice and smoothie was so fresh and filling  with no additional sugar added.

The first thing I noticed about the french toast was how beautiful the plating was! The flowers added the perfect touch and it was almost a pity to eat. Apart from the dish being delicious and not overpoweringly sweet the portion is quite generous as well! 

I initially ordered Mr,Benny with crab but I'm so happy that the crab was unavailable at that particular time and I opted for the smoked salmon instead. I am not a fan of salmon in general but I really wanted to try the Mr.Benny at OneUp. This was the best dish out of everything we ordered! The way the flavors are combined is exquisite! You know when something taste so good you close your eyes for a few seconds, followed by a slow head shake or an "mmmmm"? This was one of those dishes. I haven't eaten meat in about four years and the smoked salmon reminded me of the taste of bacon. Everything about this dish was perfect, I can't wait to have this again soon!

The granola bowl is definitely a healthier option on the menu and is a little bowl of color and joy! Out of everything we ordered I would rate the food from best being Mr. Benny, French toast and the granola bowl. OneUp definitely had more variety on the menu that I cannot wait to try, these are just a few that we decided to check out and we were beyond happy with everything! It's approximately 2000 rupees per person for a delicious and super filling breakfast or brunch and is definitely my favorite breakfast cafe in town! 

Prince range - 1500-2000lkr (with drink)

Location - Bambalapitiya (opposite St.Peters)

Open timings - 8am-4pm (closed on Mondays)