Traveling to Greece had been on my bucket list for about a year or two, so my family and I decided to make a quick trip to Athens and Santorini when my sister got her break from uni. Breakfast on Etihad airways is one of my favorite meals. I always order the scrambled eggs and give the sausages to my sister as I am a pescatarian but I can't get enough of the mushrooms and hash brown that come with it!

I was excited for this trip and took the initiative of doing most of the planning. Since we didn't have much time in Athens because we wanted to have a longer stay in Santorini I decided that a bus tour would be the best way to tour around Athens in a day. The first thing I noticed about the city was all the yellow taxis. Down every street, every corner there were so many which makes it convinent if you do want to tour Athens by cab.

Since we were in Athens for a very short stay I decided that a bus tour by hop on - hop off would be the best and have the next day to relax and enjoy the city. We took the Red bus tour as it suited our plans the best! They have a few more like the blue bus and yellow bus tour that takes you to different locations and one of the tours is for kids as well. Online you can purchase a ticket for 17 euro a person but our purchase didn't go through online and we ended up getting it from our hotel lobby for 25 euro, so I recommend you buy the tickets for the bus tour online and save yourself a couple of euros. A bus passes by each location every 15 minutes so you may choose to get off at any stop for as long as you desire. The tour runs until 7pm and I think we went on it three times haha! 

One of the main reasons why my sister and I wanted to visit Athens was to see the Parthenon which was a former temple in Greece for goddess Athena who was considered a Patron. From the top of the the temple you have an amazing view of mountains to your left and the city to your right and it's such an amazing scenery of the city. 

Traveling is our family hobby and we truly love exploring and learning about how ancient ruins were built and hear all the stories behind it. The parthenon has an amazing charm and ambience to the place you could just sit there and feel the wind and enjoy the view for hours! 

The tour took us to 15 different locations and after being on the bus for several hours a traditional greek meal was a deffinete must! Right in the heart of city square we discovered a beautiful street full of restaurants on either side offering different menus of greek food, sea food to meats and wraps. Of course we had to start off with a greek salad and I'm not too sure about the Greek term but its called fried cheese where three kinds of cheese are used to make one big block of cheese and it's so good! I think it's called saganaki.

Another popular thing you would see while walking down the streets of Athens is the street art. I managed to snap one picture from the bus tour but there is so much graffiti and it adds character and charm to the city. 

These are some of the important photos from Athens if I uploaded every picture this would probably be the longest post by any blogger. My favorite things about the city are the amazing people who are so humble, helpful and friendly. That's the first thing I noticed and fell in love with, the locals. My second favorite thing about Athens was the food and Plate loves food! Every dish I ordered was so delicious, affordable and generous! Greek food has to be one of my favorite cuisines now. We also went in the beginning of October which maybe why we  loved it so much because it was less crowded and the weather was just perfect for long walks or long bus tours. My last favorite thing about Athens was the fact I was there with my family, my travel buddies. Couldn't have imagined a more eventful trip if I didn't go with them.

I can't wait to visit Greece some day soon again. From all the countries I've visited it's definitely in my top 5. Hope you guys are having an amazing start to 2017! I will do a post of my Greece holiday in Santorini and I'm still trying to tell myself that I don't need to post every single picture I took in Santorini haha! But before that I will be doing another haul and travel post of Sri Lanka. Hope this post was helpful to some of you. Stay blessed x