Yas Island is a man made island located in Abu Dhabi and is super easy to reach by car, boat or plane. I visit Yas a lot because I live close to it and it's one of my favorite places to hangout in Abu Dhabi. All of the amusement parks and water parks are located on the island along with the formula 1 race track - Yas Marina Circuit.

This is the Yas marina circuit where the Abu Dhabi grand prix is held. World famous racers Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo have driven on these tracks. We sometimes love driving to the Viceroy to watch some of the races that happen on regular basic. The main racers happen in the month of November every year and its super exciting because that's when most of the artists come to Abu Dhabi and perform for FREE! I remember a few years ago I was front row with my friends for a free Sean Paul concert on the beach and it was such an amazing night!

While we were hanging around in Yas of course we had to have something to eat. There is this amazing Vietnamese restaurant few minutes away and my father recommended it to us so we decided to check it out! We ordered a couple of lemon ice teas, an apricot chiller, spring rolls and traditional Vietnamese stir fried noodles. It was so so good and dad decided to have steam rice and duck.

After doing a couple of rounds through Yas island we decided to stop at Centro hotel for a quick tea break. After that we walked to Radisson Blu where there is a place that has the best fruit tarts and I can't get enough of it! It's not your usual fruit tart, these are loaded and toped with fruits and the custard is so creamy! One can fill your tummy up for the entire evening so make sure you try them out if your in the area.

If you guys ever visit Abu Dhabi or Yas feel free to send me a message on my blog and I would be happy to help you out with any travel tips! Signing off my last post for 2016... This new year I'm going to be spending it with my loved ones like every other new year, even though I'll be in a hospital cause family is the most important thing to me. I hope you guys have an amazing year ahead and enjoy all your celebrations! Stay safe & blessed.