Hi everyone, hope you guys are enjoying the Christmas season! For my second post I thought I would do a last minute gift post as Christmas is just around the corner! I'm going to start off by mentioning that Bath & body works is a cruelty free sister brand of Victoria's secret and I am all about cruelty free products. I'm always a bit last minute with all my shopping so this time when I was in Abu Dhabi I decided that I was going to get some done ahead of time.

My love for their high quality fragrance candles, the sweet pea lotions, sprays and their ultra shea have been consistent. The fragrance of the B&BW lotions and sprays leaves me feeling fresh the whole day when I'm out and about! These make the perfect last minute Christmas presents if you have a store in the country you live in. If there isn't a store located in your country check out their page for their awesome deals and promotions on and they also ship to Sri Lanka!

Apart from how cute their packaging is, these candles are my all time favorite! B&BW promise to provide you with the finest quality of products or money back - guaranteed. The lotions and sprays vary from 65-75dhs which is between 2500-3000lkr.

                                         (please excuse the unmaintained nails - after effects of gift wrapping)

B&BW have a variety of candles to chose from, the ones in the photo above are both 90dhs each which is 3669lkr. The three wick candles are my favorite as they last me a super long time and fill my room with its amazing scent. I always choose two varieties of candles from a vanilla scent to a either fruity or floral scent so I can switch up the two on different days.  Every time I have one of this lit I always get compliments on how good my room smells and I am obsessed too!

I wanted to do a small post update after I received these two amazing bundles for Christmas! The bath and bodyworks Christmas box bundles were the cutest presents I've received! The pink box to the left is the sweet pea fix and the red box to the right is cherry blossom. B&BW have these every Christmas at their stores and the packaging itself makes it the perfect gift!

The bundles include a body lotion, fragrance mist and a shower gel which are some of the three essential hygiene products in my daily routine. I could go on about how cute the B&BW packing is but I'll let you guys admire it for yourselves. So if you live in a country with no B&BW store these would make amazing birthday presents or even if you feel like spoiling yourself or friends for no reason at all! Hope each and every one of you have an amazing Christmas and new year! Check out my Instagram for my next post update on Yas Island!