Hello and welcome to my blog!

I'm a Sri Lankan blogger who travels between Abu Dhabi and Colombo almost every month and occasionally beyond Abu Dhabi. I am a fashion designer and model by profession. Having a great passion for blogging, here I am... To check out my clothing label click on "brand" and to check on smaller posts you are welcome to follow me on my Instagram love.plate

I was inspired to create love.plate from all the love, support and inquiries I receive on Instagram about the beautiful places I visit and the products I receive.  As a result I was convinced that I should enrich to make it more accomplished and that's where my blog was designed.

love,plate will continue to take you on an exciting journey with my explorations and experiences from around the world. To share with you the best travel tips, where to dine when in doubt, brands that I truly love and to be able to answer all your Instagram questions on my little blog space. I am so excited to share all my experiences with all of you and take you on all my journeys to come.