Good morning guys!

Last night I had a paid collaboration with Agra Colombo to review some of their dishes. I had been to Agra a few times before because I absolutely love the ambience at this restaurant. I think it's one of the nicest Indian restaurants in Colombo. Every night they have live music which adds to the perfect dinning experience at Agra. If you want the inside couch seating area, make sure to make a reservation before as those get reserved quite fast. We were pleased that the owner and his wife came to greet us and welcome the two of us to their restaurant. He mentioned that he had selected a few dishes himself for us to review. We were served two mocktails, wine, an assortment of their most popular appetizers, naan, curries, biriyani and dessert. I had been craving Indian food for the longest time as it's one of my favorite cuisines, so I was super excited for this review!

Mocktails - We were served the pink Agra (Rs.450) and the Agra surprise (rs.450) from their mocktail menu. I have to say that they have one of the best beverage menus at a restaurant. It goes from cocktails, to mocktails, fresh juices, tea, coffee, beer, wine and other drinks like lassi etc. The pink Agra is fresh orange, chopped pineapple with grenadine, topped with a slice of orange. This taste like a bubbly fresh orange juice which was really nice. The Agra surprise is lemonade, lime, grenadine, garnished with a cherry and it is definitely a sweet drink that you could have alongside spicy Indian food. They also served me a glass of white wine to go with my main course which I was very pleased about if you ask me. 

Appetizers - We were served four of their most popular starters from the menu. The Hara bhara fingers (rs.875) are pan fried vegetables with spinach & cottage cheese. It may not look as appetizing as the others but I think even non vegetarians would love this. It was definitely one of the best things I ate last night at Agra. Tandoori prawns (rs.1475) are marinated in exotic Indian spices which are then grilled in tandoor. I don't think theres much to say about tandoori prawns, the name it self is mouth watering. If you saw clips of my review on my stories you probably would have seen how fast Nayan and I finished these starers 10/10! Lasooni prawns (rs.1475)are garlic flavored fresh prawns that are also grilled in tandoor. Since this isn't something I had tried before I liked this a little more than the tandoori prawns because the flavors were so fresh. However, both prawns were absolutely delicious! The last thing that we had was the mutton Imli boti (rs.1675) this is a preparation of boneless mutton chunks flavored with tamarind. As you guys may know I am pescatarian so I could not eat any meat from this review. Nayan was in charge of tasting all the meat options and he gave big thumbs up for the imli boti mutton. The appetizers also comes with two dips, my favorite was the chutney dip.

naan - We were severed plain naan and butter naan to go along with the three curries. Whenever I go out for Indian food I always order butter naan. It's my go to order at any Indian restaurant and even though I don't eat meat I get the chicken tikka masala or the prawn tikka masala because I'm obsessed with that gravy. The naan was pretty good as well that I ordered some separately to bring back home. 

Curries - Chicken makhani (rs.1075) was my favorite out of the curries as it was the most similar to what I usually like to order. This is the universally popular "butter chicken" cooked in a creamy tomato gravy. Definite thumbs up from me and it went perfectly with the naan and the rice as well. Yellow dhal tadka (rs.675) this is yellow lentils tempered with spices that goes well with any other curry and naan. You have to order a dhal with a curry and naan at an Indian restaurant because it's just so good! The last curry that we were served was the mutton kadhai if I'm not mistaken (rs.1575) I did try the gravy out for you guys even though I never ate mutton and I have to say I really enjoyed the gravy. Although, I still prefer my butter chicken or prawn tikka masala more. 

Biriyani - For the rice option we were served the chicken dum biriyani (rs.975) which is fresh chicken pieces cooked with basmati rice. I think it's a reasonable price for a biryani as it could be easily shared by two depending on your appetite. The biryani went perfectly with the curries but I do have to mention that it does not come with an egg. I know many people who like a boiled egg with their biriyani but this did not come with one. It was still good though and I am sure you can request for one. 

Dessert - I have never tried a gulab jamun (Rs.525) properly so last night was the first time I tasted one. For those of you who are not familiar with it, a gulab jamun is a dumpling of reduced milk with cardamom, served warm in rose flavored syrup. It's a very famous Indian dessert that is loved by many. We were also served one of their famous ice creams, khesari kulfi (rs.900) which is kulfi with saffron. Nayan really loved this ice cream and he even spoke about it on our way home.

I hope you guys enjoyed another one of my reviews. Thank you for all the Valentines day wishes on instagram, you guys are the best! Make sure to visit Agra for dinner if you want to catch the live music as well. This is the next place on my list to take my dad out for dinner. I know he will really enjoy the atmosphere and food. For those of you who don't know theres a bar adjoining the restaurant, so you can head over to Manchester after dinning at Agra. Thank you for reading another one of my reviews, I hope you guys have a wonderful week ahead.