Hello Guys,

Valentine's Day is just two days away and if you still haven't made plans with your partner, family or friends this is the perfect place for you! The Curve has special Valentine's Day cocktails lined up for you on the 14th along with delicious snacks to chose from their tapas menu. The ambience can cater to any type of outing whether you're heading out on a date night or a night out with your family or friends I think the atmosphere can adopt to any type of occasion. We were served four of their Valentine's Day specials along with two dishes from their tapas menu. Starting from top to bottom...

Love Buzz - This was a martini with vodka, cream de cacao, raspberry puree and espresso (rs.920) This was similar to a drink I had in my previous review. What I liked about this cocktail was that the espresso flavor wasn't overpowering. Sometimes similar drinks can taste like a strong coffee, mixed with vodka that was left out in the cold over night. This was tastefully made with just the right amount of of everything. 

Tequila Sparkling - This beauty was a tall glass of tequila, sparkling wine, lime juice and sugar syrup (rs.1200) Even though this drink is slightly pricey compared to most cocktails, I think one would just do the trick. The tequila is quite strong in this one so sipping on one would be more than enough. Out of the four cocktails this was the perfect one to beat the heat as well, as it was light and bubbly too. 

Crush - The crush comes with peach snaps, triple sec, chop apple, orange zest, pineapple juice and red wine (rs.875). This reminded me of a punch with all the chopped apples on the bottom, it definitely is a very fruity drink. If you're in to sweet cocktails the crush at curve is perfect for you!

Sweet Affair - The sweet affair is a combination of rum, sweet vermouth, pomegranate syrup and tea extract (rs.875). I have to say all these cocktails are such interesting blends of different ingredients which all work together so perfectly. This is definitely a drink that any one can enjoy which can cater to everyones preferences. 

Tapas - The smoked salmon with the cream cheese capers (Rs.850) was absolutely mouth watering! I became a smoked salmon fan a few years ago and if it's on a menu it's something I definitely have to try. The dish at curve did not disappoint me one bit and we all really enjoyed it. The next thing that we got was the lightly breaded chicken strips (rs.650) which comes with a chili and mayonnaise dip and Nayan and my sister really like this one as well, I had to remind Nayan to slow down a bit with the strips. Sadly, I could not try it but it looked so good! 

SPECIAL OFFER - Currently there's a deal going on for Valentine's Day, buy 2 cocktails get 1 tapas free! I think this is a fantastic deal where you can get snacks for free at curve. Definitely try out the smoked salmon or the chicken strips and make sure you don't forget about this special deal when you head over to curve on the 14th!

I hope you guys enjoyed another one of my reviews. It's amazing that most of you have the similar taste as me and I love that you guys let me know which dish/drink you ordered after reading one of my reviews. I hope you guys have a lovely Valentine's Day. I personally have never celebrated it but if it includes an awesome deal with cocktails and tapas why not?!;) I'll speak to all of you very soon.