June 11, 2017, 7:18 a.m.

Hi guys! If you follow me on my Instagram you probably know that I travelled to India in May with my sister and two of my friends. We felt like we needed a little girls trip for a bit of adventure and fun. India has been a country I've always wanted to visit purely because I've wanted to visit the Taj Mahal for quite sometime now. I'm not going to be writing paragraphs under each city because this is one of the biggest posts I've done. I'm going to be writing them in point form in Do's and don'ts to help you guys plan out your India trip better and to avoid little hiccups that we had during our trip. We travelled to 4 cities in 6 days and I'm going to take you through it...


We didn't have much time in Delhi, just about one night but we managed to do as much as possible within that short period of time. Before visiting Delhi I researched a little more about famous restaurants in Delhi because we pretty much only had time for meals and to drive around the city bit. The reason we visited Delhi was because there were no direct flights to Agra (as Agra has no airport)and Delhi was the closest city to travel to Agra. 

D0'S -

As soon as we landed we had a shower and straight away headed out for dinner. I made a reservation for us in Sri Lanka at Bukhara so that when we went to Delhi we wouldn't have to worry about getting a table or not. Apparently people from around the India come to Delhi to literally dine at Bukhara as it serves the best tandoor in the world. The restaurant has won many awards but I'm not going to get in to that. We visited on a weekday night and it was still so crowded! I had made the reservation for 8 30pm but we only received our table at 10 15pm. We were quite hungry after a three and a half hour flight to Delhi plus the one hour delay in the airport and we were also a little annoyed as we had made a reservation two days prior to visiting the restaurant but had to wait quite a long time. No one leaves Bukhara without ordering the Dhal Bukhara as its the restaurants signature dish. We ordered that, plus a couple of naan and a tandoor chicken tikka. Their Manu is limited to none gravy items which is a bit o fa disappointment but the food was amazing and so was the staff. 

You'll see more of my time in Delhi in my vlog that I will be uploading next week so subscribe my youtube not to miss it!

we made it to the vip bench at the Taj Mahal - Angelina Jolie and brad Pitts butt touched this bench guys!

DO NOT TRAVEL IN HIPPO CABS! I needed to start off my Agra post by saying that because we chose to go in Hippo cabs from Delhi to Agra which was around a three and a half hour drive. The driver was rude and he only checked on the petrol and the air in the tires after we had driven a few kms. Apart from that we could've got kidnapped by the driver as we got closer to Agra he kept informing someone over the phone that there were four girls traveling alone and mentioned which hotel we were staying in at Agra. At this point one of my friends, friend spoke and understood Hindi and she translated it to us. He then told her that when you book a Hippo cab you get a free tour guide once you get to Agra. We insisted that we did not require a tour guide but he kept on insisting that the tour guide took us around for free! Once we were heading towards our hotel (Hilton) the Hippo cab driver drove past our hotel and insisted we stay in a different hotel (ITC). Our friend being stern she spoke to him and said we have already made a reservation and insisted he drive us back to Hilton. In the mean time he kept updating the "free tour guide" on our wearabouts. Once we got to Hilton the staff was amazing they offered us 50% n breakfast and made sure our stay was as amazing and comfortable as they could have. 

While my friend and I headed to the washrooms to fresh up bit before we headed to the Taj Mahal, my sister informed me that the tour guide actually came to Hilton to meet us. He tried to persuade them in to traveling around Agra with him but they refused and asked him to leave. Immediately my friend called Hippo Cabs and informed them of this matter and they told us that there is no such thing as a free tour guide provided by the cab service. They also told us that we did not have to feel unsafe with the driver as he has been working with the company for a long time but when we questioned the driver he said he has been working for the company for a few months. We were lied to by both the Hippo cabs and the driver! I was only thinking imagine what would have happened to a group of girls who would have taken their free tour guide service? PLEASE BE CAREFUL IF YOU ARE TRAVELING ALONE! 

Goa is the perfect place to visit with your friends if you're looking to get away, party and relax. I've heard many good things about Goa before so all four of us were excited for this one. The night life there is amazing, the people are amazing and the food and drinks are reasonably priced there but I would say the only difficultly we faced was getting around Goa. There are no tuks and no uber. I would recommend renting a car or bike during your stay in Goa and book a cab from the hotel when you're heading out in the night. Cabs are extremely expensive in Goa and I think we spend most of our money on getting from one place to another even if it was just 2km away! If you love the beach, love night life and just being out and exploring you'll love the vibe in Goa. It's a place I would definitely want to visit again soon. 


Pali bhavan is a famous restaurant in Mumbai that you must dine at when you are in town! Really loved the food and ambience of the restaurant. You'll see more of it in my video and the dessert was just to die for! Reasonably priced and really good drinks as well. 

After we spent some time in the city we were all so tired of our entire trip that my sister, Eena and myself decided to go for a massage before we left to Colombo. That was another hilarious experience, to sum it all up I thought we were going to get kidnapped after seeing a disco light. It was definitely an experience I'll never forget haha! Managing to cramp one more thing on our agenda we visited Juhu beach to try out chaats which is famous street food in India. We realized that the only person who has any Indian rupees left was Eena who also left her wallet at home! We then collected all the cash that we could find in our bags and pockets and managed to try out a few snacks. The reason I've put up a picture of the man above was because they asked us if we wanted pay haji which is a famous street food dish you need to try in India but we told them that we did not have any cash on us and they did not have paytms as well. The kind man brought us food and told us that we could pay him later and to add to that he gave us his own money to pay for our food! This melted our hearts as I never thought I would experience such kindness and love on our last day in India. 

So guys, I tried to keep the post as simple as possible... If only I could've told you guys everything in detail about our trip. I hope you enjoyed the video and carefully read my post about Hippo cabs! I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.