March 27, 2017, 12:24 p.m.

Hi guys! It's been sometime since I've done a review and I was so glad when Cioconat lounge invited me over for lunch today. I've heard of the place before but I've never actually tried it out.

Saudi champagne - We were welcomed with two Saudi champagnes, filled with orange cubes, diced apples and sliced strawberries for that fruity goodness with a dash of mint leaves. This is a very refreshing and fun drink to have when picking out the fruits while sipping on your drink.

Chicken shawarma - As we entered I was informed that I would be the second person to try out the new chicken shawarma at Cioconat lounge. I was a little devastated as I would have to pick out the chicken pieces from the shawarma because I don't eat meat. How can I even blog about food when I don't eat meat? that's why I needed to taste it somehow to tell you guys how GOOD the shawarma is! I informed the staff that it would be very hard to please me with Shawarma because my second home is Abu Dhabi and they are the masters of all kinds of shawarma. It was a challenge he gladly accepted because I'm sure he knew how good it was. The first bite of the shawamra took me back to the first one I had when I was very small. I remembered the flavors and the taste and it put a huge smile on my face! Filled with chicken and French fries the shawarma is so creamy and filling. I was telling my friend the entire time how similar it was to the ones in Abu Dhabi and how much it made me miss home. A few minutes later I was introduced to the chef and funnily he happened to work in Abu Dhabi prior to Cioconat lounge! I knew a shawarma couldn't be that good unless it was created by a master himself. This dish is a definite must try if you love middle eastern food.

French fries - Because I mentioned that I don't eat meat I was offered a side of French fries. It comes with different sauce toppings and dips. You can chose which ever you're in the mood for. The two of us shared this and still remained a few, it's quite a generous portion!

Nutella cheesecake - Oh my lord! Let me tell you how AMAZING this no bake cheesecake is! I'm not a fan of cheesecake, in fact I never order cheesecake when I go out. One portion is enough for two as the slice is quite big itself. This is one of those dishes you need to try out to know how good it is cause I honestly don't have the right words to describe it. The biscuit wasn't too thick or hard and the chocolate sauce went well with the cheesecake 11/10!

Make sure you guys definitely visit Cioconat lounge to try out their newly launched shawarma and cheesecake! Can't go wrong with either of them. Hope you guys have an amazing week ahead, stay tuned to my Instagram and youtube channel on the top right corner for my new video :)




March 16, 2017, 6:11 a.m.

spring rolls, rich & red thai prawn curry with steam rice, northern twist prawns with garlic roast paan, king coconut and naarang juice

Spring rolls - My sister and I decided to stop at Isso for lunch the other day. We ordered the spring rolls for starters and it looks like prawns wrapped in a blanket! Really crispy on the outside and stuffed with prawns almost like a white sauce, creamy on the inside.

Rich & red - There are three different size prawns you can chose from L, XL to XXL. There's also an open kitchen where you can see the size of the prawns to get a better idea if you are unsure. I love Thai food so I decided to go with the rich and red Thai curry. They also have a few dishes you can chose from roast paan, steam rice, egg fried rice etc. Steam rice pairs the best with a Thai curry so I went along with that. We chose the XL prawn and I have to say the portions are very generous! Filled with prawns, towards the end I struggled to finish my dish. I wondered how big the XXL prawn would be if the XL was this big, so good and so filling!

Northern twist - My sister ordered the northern twist prawns with roast paan (bread). Our server was Asela and he was very helpful with our order, giving us tips on what would go best roast paan. He mentioned that this would not have any gravy to pair with the roast paan but she wanted to try this one out. I found this preparation a little more spicy than the red curry but it was equally as good as the curry. I don't think you can go wrong with any order at Isso. Both of ours came with a garden salad, I would only say it was a bit of a struggle to eat in the plastic boxes with the compartments. Would have been much easier if it was served on plates but the box is perfect if you are ordering for delivery.

We were also offered with complimentary dessert, with two chunky milk toffees. I'm personally not a fan of milk toffees, the only ones I loved were the ones at Odel until I was offered one at Isso. 100 points for the milk toffees, haha!

Price range - aprx. 2000lkr with drink (depending on what size prawns)

Location    - 2, Sulaiman terrace. Colombo. Off Jawatta road

Open timings- Open everyday 12pm-3-pm and 6pm-11pm




Feb. 26, 2017, 11:01 a.m.

tom yum sea food

coco drink, thai iced coffee, iced tea


tamarind fish

pongari (crab curry)

home made coconut ice cream with fried bread banana

I have been to Tom Yum a couple of times before the interior changed and I loved it every single time, so when Tom Yum invited me I was over the moon! The owner and his wife are super friendly and they gave us a quick little insight of the restaurant. Almost every single ingredient is imported from Thailand, from the coco to the spices, that's a fun fact I didn't know about the restaurant! We were presented with a variation of food and drink on the menu to get an idea of the flavors and dishes available on the menu.

Tom yum sea food - Like any other tom yum it's very spicy and I remember Nayan taking me here about two years ago just to try the tom yum and nothings changed ever since. The dish still burst with flavors and is filled with squid and prawns. One tom yum bowl was enough for the three of us.

Kang kung - This was one of my favorite dishes I tried today, it doesn't taste like the ordinary kung kung you get at any Thai or Chinese restaurant. If you visit tom yum I really recommend you try the kang kung with steamed rice as well.

Tamarind fish - I'm not sure if I have tried tamarind fish before but apart from the presentation, the gravy the fish was coated in is absolutely heavenly! This is a big dish perfect for three people to share and this dish goes well too with steam rice, because the flavor of the fish is so strong it's best eaten with plain rice.

Pongari (crab curry) - How much we wanted to just dive in to this dish and use our fingers and get messy with the crab! I don't know why I always order a red or green curry and steam rice every time I go to eat Thai food. Today really inspired me to order new things after I tried the Pongari.

Drinks & Dessert - We were offered different varieties of drinks from the menu, the coco drink, thai iced coffee and an iced tea. I would say the coco drink was our favorite out of the lot, second being the iced tea and third iced coffee. The fried bread with banana almost taste like banana fritters, it's so good and we mixed it with the home made coconut ice cream and the two went together so well!

I would say my absolute favorite drink and dish from today would be the coco drink and it's a tie between the crab and the kangkung. Even though everything was great those would have to be my favorites! Definitely a go to place for affordable, authentic Thai food.

Location - Bambalapitiya (opposite st.peters)

Open timings - 12pm - 3pm and 6,30pm - 10,30pm