June 10, 2017, 3:49 p.m.

I'm pretty sure most of you have visited flamingo house and the love bar already, I have been to flamingo house many times before and I was excited when they reached out to me to review the Love Bar. As we arrived we were greeted by the lovely manager and he took us through their menu and recommended the following items. We were served the signature drink the flamingo rosa, a blueberry mojito, battered prawns and isso wade. 

Flamingo rosa - This was the first drink I ordered when I visited the love bar a long time ago, so I was happy to try it again cause I wanted to compare whether the flamingo rosa has been modified over time. My favorite thing about this drink was that it comes with a magenta flower attached to the outside of the glass which adds a lot of character to the drink. I was pleasantly surprised that the flower was still included until today. The flamingo rosa is the alcoholic version of a slush haha! The bottom of the cocktail is loaded with berries which makes it quite interesting to drink. If you haven't tried the flamingo rose, you really need to give it a go! 

The blueberry mojito - You have to agree with me that the flamingo house mojito is one of the cutest drinks you've seen. It comes on a little iron bicycle, garnished with mint leaves, blueberries and a slice of kiwi! I remember having to take photos of the drinks multiple times as I felt my picture didn't do justice to how beautiful the drinks looked. The mojito is lighter and smoother than the flamingo rosa, which is nice if you're into drinks like that and the blueberries are absolutely delicious. 

Battered prawns - This is a dish of 10 sizzling, flavorful, delicious, battered prawns. I could go on and on describing how well the prawns were prepared, fluffy and crispy to. It comes with a side of tartar sauce and out of the two dishes I think this one was my favorite. This was the first time I've tried the prawns at the love bar and I'm craving it again while I write this review. This dish is also a must try!

Isso wade - I've tried the isso wade before about a few months ago and we were served three huge wades. This time the size of the wades were smaller but we were served four, which makes up for it I guess. It comes with a side of three dips, one spicy, creamy and tangy so you have a good assortment of dips right there. My friend really enjoyed the isso wade and to be honest I haven't tried the isso wade at Galle face (I know I'm going to get so many DMs about this haha) so the only place I've ever had isso wade in Sri Lanka is at flamingo house and I love love loooveee it! 

Ambiance - Ages ago when I initially wanted to go to flamingo house it was purely because of the ambiance. It reminded me so much of the shakespear cafe in Abu Dhabi and I love interior like that! If you haven't been to flamingo house and the love bar before you need to check it out. From neon signs to funky chandeliers and random flamingo statues, the place has quite a charm and I really recommend it.

After my friend and I were done with our collaboration/review with the love bar, I was joined by two other friends and we sat outside this time and I asked the waiter to add the rest of our order to a bill as it was not apart of the review. If you're going out with a group of 3-5 people the bowls are really fun to get. Initially the cocktails were served in a fish bowl when it first came out but now it comes in a taller and wider glass that almost looks like a vase. You can order the bowls as mojitos, flamingo rosa, bullfrogs and there's quite a bit of a list you can chose from. For snacks we also ordered the hot butter cuttle fish and potato wedges and everything was just SO GOOD!! I wish I had taken photos of them to add it to the blog but I'm going to share some of the photos on my instragam tonight so you guys can see what it looks like. Even though my collaboration was over by this time the manager was very welcoming and kept making sure that we were okay. When it was time for us to leave he also mentioned that everything else that we ordered after the review had been taken care of and that we didn't have to pay the bill. That was very kind and I could not thank him enough but I truly appreciated it. If any of you do go to the love bar and order the same things, I would love for you to share your experience with me on the comments down below on this post or on my instagram. I hope you guys have an amazing week ahead! 




April 24, 2017, 3:19 p.m.

bread basket with olives, kiwi and water melon juice, chicken souvlaki and margarita pizza

Hi chicky bananas! So I thought why not write about the restaurants I visit in Abu Dhabi and Dubai as well for all my UAE followers. I wanted to take my sister out for lunch and I came across shimmers. The first thing I have to say is, I've visited Dubai a hundred times and I've never been to this little tropical side of Dubai. It made me feel like I was back in Pattaya (Thailand) but only more luxurious! The location is absolutely beautiful with the view of Burj Al Arab from the restaurant and the shisha lounge, a billion plus points because it's literally planted on the beach. The staff at the entrance of the restaurant could be a little more polite and need to greet their guests with a smile but the waiters were super sweet.

Kiwi & watermelon juice - For the price of the juice it came in a much smaller glass than expected but both were really fresh with no additional sugar added. Just the way we like it! Their beverage menu has quite a lot of varieties to chose from.

Margarita pizza - The pizza at shimmer is one of their signature dishes, so I decided to give it a go! The pizza bread was really nice and thin but I think there could have been a little more cheese on it. It's a little bland at first but if you're a person who enjoys white sauce pasta instead of red sauce I think you might like this one.

Chicken souvlaki - Since our trip to Greece my sister hadn't eaten the souvlaki, so I told her to go for it. The portions at the restaurant are quite generous, we struggled to almost finish our food. She said the chicken was really good with the pita bread and the chunky fries. I tried the fries and the bread with the dip and is was absolutely delicious!

We were too stuffed to order dessert after our meals but I will definitely visit Shimmers on the beach again, maybe during winter to order a lighter meal so that I can try out their dessert. One of the best atmospheres in Dubai!

Price range - 200+dhs for two

Location    - Madinat Jumeirah

Open hours  - 12-11:30pm 



Mövenpick Hotel Colombo

April 12, 2017, 1:35 p.m.

Today we wanted to try out a few dishes at the Ayu restaurant and while we were going through the menu we discovered that a few dishes were the same price as the buffet, so we decided to try that out instead. The buffet is approximately 2900lkr per person which I think is quite reasonable for a buffet. I find that when I do secret reviews it's more authentic and I have the same experience I would have if I went as a normal guest, where as when I'm invited to a hotel or restaurant they are prepared and they make sure nothing goes wrong. We were offered complimentary beverages as we sat down at the buffet.

The starters - The starters was my favorite part of the whole buffet! With an awesome variety of salads, breads, cheese, seafood and sushi. As I've heard the hotel is a business budget hotel, so the variety of starters were pretty impressive and delicious aswell!

Action station - My friend orderd the lamb kebabs and I had the vegetarian white sauce pasta with fish cutlets. She said that the kebabs were really good and well cooked so that's good for all you meat lovers. The fish cutlets were the ordinary fish filling, nothing too special about it... although what more could I expect from a cutlet? the pasta was nice and creamy, I think I could manage to make this at home as well but I did enjoy it.

Main course - I was a little disappointed with the main course spread after having such a good spread with the starters. There wasn't much variety to chose from but I have to say whatever I served was full of flavor and cooked well. I just wish there were more dishes that went together as a proper meal. A lot of the mains were just cooked vegetable dishes, so this is a good option for all you vegetarians out there!

Dessert - The dessert was arranged on a table slightly away from the buffet in a separate room. The cheesecake and chocolate cake were really good! The caramel tasted like it was one of those instant caramel mixes but the cake was really good.

After lunch we went up to the pool to chill and the ambience was so nice! I didn't want to leave the roof top, we wanted to have a drink but found out the bar was only opening at 5pm. Definitely need to drop by at 5pm to check out their bar. Let me know if you guys end up going here and how your experience was :) Happy Avrudu guys!