May 13, 2018, 12:57 p.m.

Hi guys!

It's been a couple of weeks since I've done a restaurant review on my blog and I'm so happy to be back. Today we were invited to ikoi tei which is a Japanese restaurant and bar in dutch hospital it is a Hilton Colombo restaurant. I'll list the prices along with every dish that we tried but if you would like have a look at what else is on the menu click here. For a Sunday afternoon the restaurant and the surrounding was quite peaceful which I loved. Not only when it comes to a review but when I head out for a meal I always prefer a calm environment. Almost most of the guest who were already at the restaurant were Japanese, whether it was a business meeting or a casual hang out or one just dinning alone. I think we were the only locals at ikoi tei today, other than the staff of course. 

The first thing that we ordered were the drinks. I decided to go with the restaurants signature cocktails which was the lychee with gin and vodka with orange peel. Both cocktails were a little too strong for me but considering they come in a margarita glass, one cocktail goes a long way. So thumbs up for the cocktails if you're heading for a night out. I knew I had to be taking photographs of the food later so I lended mine to my sister, who gladly finished both haha! 

As you guys may know if you've been following me for sometime that sushi is one of my least favorite food. however, I recently discovered my liking towards the prawn tempura sushi roll which I tried when I was in New York. So I was excited to try it again in Colombo and see if it was similar to the one I had a month ago. My sister loves sushi so she had no problem and was probably more excited than I was. We ordered the tempura prawn roll which is rs.828 for six rolls and the California roll which is rs.928 for six rolls. Of course I really did enjoy the tempura sushi it's my go to order if I ever have to eat sushi, so definite thumbs for that dish. My sister did enjoy the California roll as well but she likes her sushi slightly crunchy so her favorite was the tempura prawn roll as well. So make sure to try this dish out, you won't be disappointed! 

The last thing on the food menu that we tried was the seafood yakisoba rs.1388. If you missed my instagram stories I did mention that this was my go to order at any Japanese restaurant. For years the seafood yakisoba has been my absolute favorite dish to have at any Japanese restaurant. If you like dishes with a lot of flavor, vegetables and seafood then I highly recommend this! The yakisoba at ikoi tei was actually one of my favorites in Colombo, if not the best. It's a dish I always crave for and I'll definitely return to ikoi tei just to have their seafood yakisoba. It's quite a large portion if you have a small appetite I suggest you share it with someone, along with some sushi rolls like we did today. 

Apart from a wonderful dinning experience I also have to say that there is plenty of staff to attend to everyone. Loved the ambience and the menu had such a wide variety to chose from, so theres a dish in there to suite everyone. I hope you guys enjoyed another one of my reviews and as always, I love hearing back from you guys whether you enjoyed the same dishes as well. I hope you guys have a wonderful week ahead!




April 4, 2018, 2:13 p.m.

Hi Guys!

It's been a long time since I spoke to you o my blog. I've been quite busy with new projects that you're starting to see on my instagram gradually. Two weeks ago I collaborated with Rare at Residence and they utterly spoilt us. This was a paid collaboration with the restaurant. I have been to Rare before with Nayan for Christmas dinner and the both of us loved it. I was quite keen on seeing whether the standard was the same two years later. The first that you would notice is how intimate the surrounding is. The dim lit, romantic ambience is perfect for a dinner date! One of my favorite things about Residence by Uga Escapes is that they have ladies night every Wednesday night and that means free Martinis for us ladies! Just a heads up, the passion fruit martini is one of the best on the menu. Before visiting Rare I was asked to review a breakfast, lunch and dinner option from their menu. After speaking with the ever so charming and bubbly manager Chris, he guided us through the menu and suggested some of their top dishes that the restaurant had. Of course before our meals we were given the bread basket and a little surprise from the chef which was an avocado delight. "The chef loves to surprise his guest" Chris tells us. 

Hand Rolled Vietnamese Rice Paper With Tofu - This is one of the appetizers that we tried which is Vietnamese rice paper rolls with local organic herbs and vegetables. The vegetables are raw and fresh, rolled finely that needs to be dipped in to soy sauce. The soy sauce gives the whole roll an entirely different flavor! 

Home Cured Salmon Gravlax - This appetizer is smoked salmon, topped with caviar, garnished with edible rose petals and lobster ink. I found this dish quite interesting considering there were a few things I haven't tried before. For those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that I am a huge fan of smoked salmon, so this dish was a definite yes for me!

Poached Eggs - What's your go to breakfast at a restaurant? Mine's poached eggs with smoked salmon! We had to try this one out and I was so glad that Chris recommended it to us. I never thought of heading over to Rare for breakfast before but it's definitely on my list of things to do when I'm back in Colombo. If I had to rate this it would be a 8/10 from me, definite thumbs up!

Lemon Grass Chicken - My friend decided to try the lemon grass chicken which consisted of juggary, garlic, onion, aged basmati rice and citrus salad. I love Thai food so I had a taste of rice and absolutely LOVED it!! She also gave this dish a big thumbs up but struggled to finish the rice, so I helped her with that. I highly recommend you to try the lemon grass chicken at Rare and do let me know if you liked it as much as we did. 

"Rare" Seafood Symphony - This is similar to a sea food platter with a mix of lobster, yellow fin tuna, black tiger prawns and cuttlefish. The lobster was a little tricky to eat but it's definitely a dish you need to take your time with. the black tiger prawns were definitely my favorite out of the bunch. They were super juicy, full of flavor and marinated to perfection. The home made garlic bottle complimented the cuttlefish and prawns so well. If I had to rate this dish it would be a 9/10 from the both of us! 

Seafood Tomato Rice - Chris did mention to us that this dish was one of the least appealing dishes even though the taste was on point. Once the rice arrived we were taken back by how much seafood there was, along with the portion of rice. It is definitely an attractive dish, especially if you love rice and goes well with a glass of white wine. This was one of my favorite dishes we tried that night from the prawns to the calamari rings and down to the tomato rice, everything was just perfect! I would have to say that I definitely preferred the rice over the seafood symphony as rice is something that I usually prefer. 

Chocolate Mousse - Extra virgin olive oil and Himalayan pink salt are added to the mousse which I think gives it that extra touch. I also love the fact that the inspiration seems to be of a birds nest, with the white chocolate creating a nest like structure around the mousse which is in the form of an egg. This is one of those desserts where you taste and you're eyes automatically enlarge and you begin to smile. That is exactly what happened to my friend when she went for the mousse. I highly recommend to end you're dinning experience at Rare with this dessert as it was a 10/10 from us!

Poached Pears - Port wine and vanilla pod poached pears with salted caramel ice cream create the perfect balance of sweet and salty in one dessert. This is definitely a fruity option compared to the first dessert we tried. I personally preferred the mousse and my friend preferred this so it entirely depends on what you like as a person. They also have an excellent selection of homemade ice creams with interesting flavors like passionfruit and chili, balsamic and seen symbol and sprats. Definitely flavors I have not seen on other menus before so it's something to look forward to at Rare.

We arrived to the restaurant at 8pm and we ate till the restaurant had to close. This was by far one of the best reviews I've done for this year and I hope you guys enjoyed it as well. I want to thank you all for the constant support and love I get from all of you every day. I am truly blessed to have an insta fam like you guys.




March 4, 2018, 5:52 p.m.

Hi guys!

I hope you guys have had a wonderful week so far. As you may or may not know I visited Ramen Misoya last Sunday. This review was a paid collaboration with Ramen Misoya Colombo. The restaurant is relatively new as they opened last November. They are located at race course closer to mc Donalds which is a super convenient location! It is a Japanese restaurant chain located around the world and now here in Colombo. We were told that everything except the meat is imported from Japan which makes the ramen even more authentic. We started the review off with some Japanese tea which I recommend you try before the ramen. It is said that the miso flavor changes based on different locations in Japan which is quite interesting.

Vegetable spring rolls - We decided to get the spring rolls as the starter as it's something Nayan and I could've both had along side the Japanese tea. It comes with a home made miso sauce which I absolutely love and it compliments the crispy spring rolls so well. There is also a chicken option for starters which isn't a big variety to chose from but the focus at the restaurant is the ramen. 

Kara ramen - This is the spicy option but Japanese spicy is nowhere close to Sri Lankan spicy. It's quite mild which makes it easier to have. I was expecting it to be very spicy but it's not so bad at all. I ordered the vegetarian option of this and honestly I need about an hour to finish this bowl. I'm a very slow eater and the portion of these ramen bowls are quite big. I posted a photo of it on my stories and the circumference of the bowl if 2.5 of my hands. The noodles were super soft and the bowl was filled with chunks of vegetables. I recommend to wear the paper apron if you're wearing something light colored as it tends to splash. (Rs.1100)

Hokkaido Pork Cha Shu - Nayan doesn't eat spicy food so he went for the mild pork dish. Ramen is known for it's pork so it would be ideal to order one of these options. However, they do have chicken options to chose from as well. Nayan finished his ramen in a couple of minutes where I was still at the top of my bowl. He's a fan of Japanese food in general and he really loves this restaurant. I have to say that it was full of meat and looks exactly like the picture shown on the menu. I really admire that about this restaurant, what you see if what you get. (Rs.1700)

Homemade ice cream - There are three flavors to chose from, miso, sesame and matcha. I'm generally not a fan of matcha but I was pleasantly surprised with the ice cream at ramen misoya. You can either chose one big scoop or three small scoops of all three flavors. I recommend you to order all three so that you know which flavor is your favorite and order the big scoop when you visit again. The sesame and matcha were my favorites and the miso is a more salty option. The ice creams are super creamy, soft and light which is the perfect end to your dinning experience at ramen misoya.

An important fact that I do have to mention is that the restaurant has two separate kitchens. One section for the pork and the other for chicken and vegetarian. I think this is a brilliant idea for people who do not eat pork. The restaurant is also closed on Mondays and Tuesday at the moment so make sure you head over anytime from Wednesday - Sunday. I can't wait to visit ramen misoya again, it's definitely one of those places thats not a one time visit. It's almost like comfort food to me which I really love. 

I hope you guys enjoyed another one of my reviews and I can't wait to hear about your experience at Ramen Misoya Colombo!