Feb. 4, 2018, 11:58 a.m.

Hey guys!

After much DMs and inquiries about when the Kama Mirissa review will be up, it's finally here! Usually it takes me a day to get a review up but this time we spent three days editing our video footage and thats why it took some time. This review was a paid partnership with Kama Mirissa that we did last Saturday. I have been to Mirissa a few times before but I've never left the hotel and explored the beach stretch. Kama Mirissa is the perfect restaurant to hang out with your friends or family and enjoy the beach as well. I have to say that the beach looks much nicer from a birds eye view, I never knew the water was so green/blue in Mirissa. 

When we arrived at the restaurant the staff was super friendly and I asked them what they would like me to review for them. She suggested a few drinks and food items thats considered some of their best dishes. 

For drinks we got the espresso martini (rs.800) but we got it in the sharing option which is a giant martini since there was four of us. If you like coffee then you will definitely fall in love with this drink. It has a strong flavor of coffee which my friend enjoyed very much. We also got the passion fruit frozen margarita (rs.800) which was my favorite out of the three drinks we had. I love anything with a passion fruit flavor to it and it was the ideal drink to beat the heat. They also have multiple flavors of frozen margaritas to chose from, strawberry, raspberry, narang, mango, pineapple, watermelon and lime. The last drink we got was a custom made coconut mojito. This is a drink thats not on the menu but you can get it customized with any fruit you like. It was very similar to a pinacolada, so if you like anything thats coconut flavor you will definitely enjoy this drink as well. My sister was feeling the afternoon heat to much so she ordered a thambili (king coconut) the thambili was like any other thambili, so I'm not going to review a thambili. That reminds me! I think the perfect time to visit is in the morning or evening because it can get a little warm during the afternoon but it's not too bad.

She also wanted us to try their hot butter cuttlefish (rs.800) as it was one of their best appetizers. It was bigger pieces and not the tiny pieces you get in a Chinese restaurant which I really loved. It's also super crispy and needs to be eaten before the dish gets cold. The wood fire pizza was my favorite dish we tried at Kama Mirissa. I'm a huge pizza fan as some of you may already know, so I was pretty pleased with my pizza. They also have the option of customizing your own toppings, so if this is something you would like to try out go for it! The next thing that we tried was the tuna steak stack (rs.1600) This dish was also nice but it's not a dish I would order if I'm chilling on the beach, I personally prefer smaller dishes/finger foods or pizza. However, the portion of the dish is quite good for the price and tasted good as well.  The last dish we had was a vegetarian option which was the potato hash (rs.1200) coated in chickpeas, sun-dried tomatoes and peri peri sauce, served on a bed of homemade naan. This was quite interesting as I've never had anything like it before. I really liked the naan but I still have mixed feelings about the chick pea dish. I'm sure if you're vegetarian you've had dishes like this before and you'll like it. 

We were all so full after finishing all those dishes that we did not have any space left for dessert. I'm sorry for any of you who really look forward to reading about desserts but I did not want to order and waste good food. When you do visit Kama Mirissa I look forward to hearing about the dessert you ordered.

 I hope you enjoyed this review and our little video. We put a lot of hard work in to it as it was the first video using my drone. Again, I always want to thank you guys for reading my blog and for all the postiive feed back you've given me. I look forward to hearing about your time at Kama Mirissa!




Oct. 29, 2017, 7:41 a.m.

Hi Guys,

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend so far! It's been so long since I've done a restaurant review and this time I'm coming at you guys with Turkish cuisine in Colombo. When I was invited to Ankara to review their menu I was quite excited as I hadn't tasted Turkish food before. Before I get in to the review I need to tell you that I cannot compare the food I had at Ankara to Turkish food as I have not tried Authentic Turkish food before. This review is purely my opinion of Ankara and the experience I had. 

As we entered we were greeted well even though one of the staff members wasn't aware that I was there for a review he was quite polite and welcoming. It's always nice to walk in to a restaurant and to be greeted by friendly staff. It has a huge impact of the experience you could have when staff are trained well. The first thing I noticed was the wall art in Ankara, that is all hand painted by a local artist. Each wall had a different pattern on it which made the restaurant look quite interesting. I asked the waiter to recommend us some of their best dishes as I was quite clueless about Turkish cuisine and he suggested we went with a kebab and tried either the hummus or stuffed mushrooms. 

Hummus - The hummus comes with two types of bread that you can chose from. After living in Abu Dhabi for so long I know what good hummus taste like so I was excited to review this starter. I have to say that I did enjoy the hummus and the soft bread that comes with it. The consistency wasn't to thick or to runny and we definitely enjoyed the flavor as well. If you're someone who likes hummus or someone who would like to try hummus for the first time, mention 'loveplate' to your waiter to get 20% off lunch and 10% off dinner!

Avocado drink & Turkish drink - I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the drinks too. I preferred the avocado and my sister preferred the other, it's also a tall generous glass full of your drink which is worth the price too! I liked the Avocado shake better because it also comes with ice cream, a drink and dessert in one. 

Grilled Prawn Kebab - Since I am a pescatarian I ordered the prawn kebab. We were told that sea food is not their strongest compared to the lamb or chicken options but in our opinion the grilled prawn kebab was better than the lamb kebabs. It also comes with Turkish rice and a salad so it's a pretty filling dish when eaten with the two prawn kebabs. The salad had strong flavors that I enjoyed along side my prawns, however I do feel like the rice could have had more flavor to it as I had to keep topping it with gravy. The prawns are a big yes from me though! 

Minced Lamb Kebab - This is a dish worth the price, as two people could easily share the lamb kebabs. My sister ordered this dish and she definitely had to mix the kebab with the rice as it was a bit on to the salty side. It comes with a side of onions and a salad which I think you definitely have to mix all the elements together to tone down the salt in the kebab. The portion of this dish is quite large which is brilliant if you want to share a dish. They have a number of different kebabs to chose from their menu, so if you do want to try out the kebabs at Ankara make sure to use my discount code! 

Turkish Rice - The rice is something we wanted to try in order to review more varieties from their menu. The portion of the rice is quite large as well which could be easily shared between three or four people depending on the quantity you eat. I wish there was a little more flavor in the rice to compliment the grilled prawn and lamb kebabs. If you do order a rice you might have to get a dish that has gravy along side it as the rice tends to get a little dry.

Even though we were so full after all these dishes we were asked to try their home made ice cream and baklava after we were given a tour of the restaurant. Ankara has private rooms which you can rent for birthdays or special dinners, to enjoy your privacy and snack on Turkish food. There is also a shisha lounge within the restaurant if you want to hang out with your friends and sip on a cup of Turkish coffee.

Ice Cream and Baklava - This was another one of my favorite dishes I tried during the review. It had a blueberry flavor to it, topped with a strawberry. I'm personally not a fan of baklava but my sister did like it. For those of you who are not familiar with baklava it is layers of sweet dessert pastry which is rich, filled with chopped nuts and held together with syrup or honey. I could never do pastry and sweet together, unless it was danish pastries. If you have not tried baklava before make sure to stop by at Ankara and let me know whether you like it or not and don't forget to use my discount code - loveplate.

I know many of you visited Ankara and used my discount code and I heard mostly good feedback from most of you and a lot of you asked me how to use my discount code. All you have to do it mention 'loveplate' to a waiter at Ankara and he will reduce 20% off your bill for lunch and 10% off your bill for dinner.

I hope you all have an amazing sunday and if I don't speak to you guys again soon, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 





Aug. 11, 2017, 11:41 a.m.

Hello guys!

As you may know from my Instagram that I was invited to the bay leaf wine and tea room yesterday for lunch. This was the first time that I was dinning at the bay leaf so I was quite excited try their food out. As we arrived we started off with a glass of white wine for myself and red wine for my sister that we enjoyed while having the softest complimentary bread with the garlic butter that went so well together. I have added a picture of the menu as well as some of you guys requested I do that from past reviews I've done for pricing etc. The front page of the menu is pretty much the selection for mains, just to keep you guys informed. For starters we ordered the 'antipasto misto (for two)', followed by the 'filetto di salmone' for myself and the 'filetto of manzo con rosse' for my sister and to end our meal we ordered the tiramisu and the chocolate brownie for dessert. The bayleaf wine and tea room is a separate room in the bayleaf restaurant itself. Perfect for a group more than 5 people to enjoy a private dinner and really good wine.  

Antipasto Misto - This is a starter to be shared by two, so we automatically went with this instead of ordering two separate starters. This dish consists of parma ham, melon, buffalo mozzarella, smoked salmon, calamari rings, battered prawns, tomato & grilled vegetables. I need to apologize to you guys before I start repeating the word AMAZING in this review. This was the first time I've been to a review where everything we ordered was cooked to perfection! My favorite on this dish was the smoked salmon. Everything on this dish was so delicious including the grilled vegetables, this is a dish you need to try if you're in the mood to split it with a friend. (Rs 1800)

Filetto Di Salmone - This was the only dish I could have ordered from the menu as I am a pescatarian but I'm not complaining. This is a beautiful dish of pan fried salmon steak with tomato confit, baby spinach, broccoli gratin, served with lemon & white wine reduction and mustard cream sauce. I have to say that it was a beautiful bed of salmon, creamy, amazing and super filling. The mustard cream sauce it comes with compliments the salmon perfectly and accompanied with a glass of white wine, I couldn't have asked for a better meal. Also, I love how the salmon steak was cooked, it didn't break or wasn't flaky while I was eating it. Definite must try if you want to switch it up from a meat dish. (Rs 2300)

Filetto Of Manzo Con Rosse - This dish was ordered by my sister and our first impression were how beautiful the plating was. The filetto of manzo con rosse is a dish of grilled Australian beef fillet with parmesan coated fried onion rings on a bed of tomatoes & cheese gnocchi with asparagus served with reduction of marsala wine. How beautiful does this dish look? I tried the onions rings and cheese gnocchi and absolutely loved both. The gnocchi is very rich, creamy and filling that it needs to be mixed with other elements in the dish. The onion rings were absolutely crispy and not oily whatsoever. She rated the beef fillet 10/10 which is a high rating from her which means it has to be amazing. There we go, I used the word amazing again. Her dish also went excellent with a glass of red wine and I'm so sad that my picture does not do justice to this dish. (Rs 2900)

Tiramisu & Chocolate Brownie - After contemplating whether to order dessert or not as we were so full after all that, we decided to go with the tiramisu and chocolate brownie. BEST DECISION EVER! My favorite was the tiramisu while my sisters favorite was the chocolate brownie but after sometime she gave in to the tiramisu as well. It's so fluffy, soft and creamy on top this was one of the best desserts I've had at a review. I think the desserts can be shared by two as you get pretty full towards the end of it. The brownie was also great with a side of vanilla ice cream it was quite a pretty dish as well. I'm sorry I haven't taken a picture of the dessert menu but maybe you need to visit the bayleaf wine and tea room to find out what else they serve? ;)

The staff is really friendly and polite as well and we really did enjoy our time at the bayleaf wine and tea room. If you're looking for a place to host 5-10 of your friends for a birthday dinner, bachelorette dinner, or even just a random night out with your friends, this room is perfect! I hope you guys liked this post as well, thank you for all the love I've been receiving from you guys!