May 24, 2018, 7:11 a.m.


June 29, 2017, 12:11 p.m.

Hi Guys! As you know I've already visited the Love Bar at flamingo house and I did a review on that almost three weeks ago, so I was quite excited when they invited me back to review the restaurant. I chose to visit flamingo house during lunch time for better lighting but you can even go for dinner and it's pretty much the same menu. We had the bread basket, two drinks, two mains and a dessert.

Apple and raspberry - We ordered two different drinks so that we had a bit of variety to review. My sister ordered the apple and raspberry mocktail and it came with a slice of apple on the side. We both liked this drink and it was different and fruity and not overpoweringly sweet. We definitely enjoyed this one and it went well with both dishes so definitely try this one out if your dinning at flamingo house. (400 lkr)

chocolate milkshake - I wanted to order this one cause I thought that you can't go wrong with the chocolate milkshake but to be honest we weren't quite sure if we received the chocolate milkshake or not. There wasn't enough chocolate in it as you can see from the picture above it doesn't look too chocolaty but this would be perfect if you don't have much of a sweet tooth and want to have a milk shake. (500 lkr)

Pork saltimbocca - An extravagant serving of juicy pork wrapped in tantalizing layers of bacon and served with mashed potato. This dish was ordered by my sister as we always review a fish/sea food dish and a meat dish so that you guys get an idea of the variety served at the restaurant. This was a really really good plate of pork wrapped in bacon and it need to be mixed with the mash potato when eating it. I tried the mash potato, vegetables and the gravy and it was all delicious. Loved this dish! (1800 lkr)

Flamingo rice - Spicy crab rice with chilli prawns and a tangy mango salad topped off with an egg. This was a fancy version of a nasi goreng and I love nasi goreng so it was a good choice. I didn't find any crab in my rice but it's served with two chilli prawns that are well cooked and absolutely delicious! The rice was very spicy and went well with the mango salad that was actually tangy and yummy aswell. This one is a big thumbs up I just wish I found crab in my rice.(1600 lkr)

Flamingo Sutra - This is their signature chocolate biscuit pudding infused with rum, topped with whipped crème and nougat. The two of us were so full after our mains that we decided to share one dessert. The rum is very strong in this and the chocolate is amazing! I really loved this dessert and it was quite a long time since I ate nougat so I really enjoyed this a lot, we both did. You guys need to try this out when you visit flamingo house. ((750 lkr)

Some of you guys messaged me and you loved the dishes I recommended at tea avenue. I hope you guys do visit flamingo house and try out some of my favorite dishes that I've mentioned above. Definitely the flamingo rice, the apple and raspberry mocktail and the flamingo sutra dessert are a must try when you visit flamingo house. I hope you guys have had an amazing week so far!




May 13, 2018, 12:57 p.m.

Hi guys!

It's been a couple of weeks since I've done a restaurant review on my blog and I'm so happy to be back. Today we were invited to ikoi tei which is a Japanese restaurant and bar in dutch hospital it is a Hilton Colombo restaurant. I'll list the prices along with every dish that we tried but if you would like have a look at what else is on the menu click here. For a Sunday afternoon the restaurant and the surrounding was quite peaceful which I loved. Not only when it comes to a review but when I head out for a meal I always prefer a calm environment. Almost most of the guest who were already at the restaurant were Japanese, whether it was a business meeting or a casual hang out or one just dinning alone. I think we were the only locals at ikoi tei today, other than the staff of course. 

The first thing that we ordered were the drinks. I decided to go with the restaurants signature cocktails which was the lychee with gin and vodka with orange peel. Both cocktails were a little too strong for me but considering they come in a margarita glass, one cocktail goes a long way. So thumbs up for the cocktails if you're heading for a night out. I knew I had to be taking photographs of the food later so I lended mine to my sister, who gladly finished both haha! 

As you guys may know if you've been following me for sometime that sushi is one of my least favorite food. however, I recently discovered my liking towards the prawn tempura sushi roll which I tried when I was in New York. So I was excited to try it again in Colombo and see if it was similar to the one I had a month ago. My sister loves sushi so she had no problem and was probably more excited than I was. We ordered the tempura prawn roll which is rs.828 for six rolls and the California roll which is rs.928 for six rolls. Of course I really did enjoy the tempura sushi it's my go to order if I ever have to eat sushi, so definite thumbs for that dish. My sister did enjoy the California roll as well but she likes her sushi slightly crunchy so her favorite was the tempura prawn roll as well. So make sure to try this dish out, you won't be disappointed! 

The last thing on the food menu that we tried was the seafood yakisoba rs.1388. If you missed my instagram stories I did mention that this was my go to order at any Japanese restaurant. For years the seafood yakisoba has been my absolute favorite dish to have at any Japanese restaurant. If you like dishes with a lot of flavor, vegetables and seafood then I highly recommend this! The yakisoba at ikoi tei was actually one of my favorites in Colombo, if not the best. It's a dish I always crave for and I'll definitely return to ikoi tei just to have their seafood yakisoba. It's quite a large portion if you have a small appetite I suggest you share it with someone, along with some sushi rolls like we did today. 

Apart from a wonderful dinning experience I also have to say that there is plenty of staff to attend to everyone. Loved the ambience and the menu had such a wide variety to chose from, so theres a dish in there to suite everyone. I hope you guys enjoyed another one of my reviews and as always, I love hearing back from you guys whether you enjoyed the same dishes as well. I hope you guys have a wonderful week ahead!