Jan. 18, 2017, 12:25 p.m.

For the first time I'm clueless on how to begin a review. I am beyond happy that Cocoon Resorts, Induruwa is the first hotel that I visited for the blog. As soon as we arrived at the resort we were greeted with flower garlands and king coconuts. The first thing I noticed was the hospitality of the staff at Cocoon Resorts. Their warm smiles instantly made us feel welcome and at home.

We were then escorted to our room - one of the red silk rooms, which was tastefully decorated and spacious with a sitting area, a king sized super comfortable bed, a wardrobe, a large balcony with a separate sitting area over looking the beautiful scenery of the resort. The bathroom had all the essentials and a Jacuzzi for long, relaxing baths after spending a beautiful day in this paradise resort. This room was the biggest standard room I have ever been in! We were so confused whether to stay in our super comfortable, lavish room or to go out and explore the beautiful resort or take a dip in the large outdoor pool with the fountain.

Enjoying the beautiful morning weather we were presented with Cocoon Resort's delicious breakfast, which was a mix of Western and local food. If you are looking for a hotel down south in Sri Lanka that serve the local cuisine this is the place you need to be at! We were served some of the best Sri Lankan food I've had in my entire life! From the tea to the fruits. breads, omelettes, string hoppers and the curries every single dish was made to perfection and that's one of my favorite things about the resort, the amazing food. Beyond pleased with our breakfast by the pool we decided to check out cocoons spa and it's facilities. If you wish to enjoy a delicious meal by the pool, it can be done on request.

The ambience of the spa was just breath taking; the little candles and flowers with the 'welcome to the spa' greeting adds a warm atmosphere to the spa. The roof was a painting of the sky to give you the sense of calm and openness. The stairs lead you down to the royal bath to cool off after a relaxing massage, a therapeutic sauna or Jacuzzi session.

After our very relaxing, complimentary massage by Cocoons finest staff at the spa we were then invited to take a dip in the royal bath. This is something I have not come across in other hotels I've been to in Sri Lanka and I was excited to give it a try. The water is cold and was a bit of a struggle for me to get in but once I was in and the water curtain was turned on and I was so relaxed, I didn't want to get out. This is by far one of the best spas I've been to including the spas in Abu Dhabi!

Towards the evening once we had headed back to the room after our very luxurious, complimentary treat at the spa we decided to explore the resort and check out the other villas which are situated on 8.5 acres with 3 exclusive grand villas, 7 luxury villas and 16 silk rooms. The 'extravagant villa' includes a private Jacuzzi on the terrace which is adjacent to the villas where you can enjoy a beautiful warm bath overlooking the lush greenery. The 'grand' villas includes a living room with a private pool with massage jets perfect for families or longer stays at the resort where you can enjoy natures paradise while having a swim in your own comfort and privacy.

Ideally a minimum of a weekend stay is perfect at Cocoon. I wish I had more time in Sri Lanka to experience all the excursion that the resort offers, such as turtle farm visits where you can release baby turtles at sunset; visiting cinnamon island on the Madu Ganga river boat ride where you can enjoy an all natural fish spa treatment for your feet and even pose with a monkey! All this seem so exciting and I think I am definitely going back to Cocoon just to try these amazing excursions out! If you're feeling a bit more adventurous there are water sports in Bentota, jetskis, banana boats, boat rides or if you want to explore the town abit more shopping in Bentota town is the perfect way to do it. To find out more about these excursions click on Since we only had a one night stay we decided to take the free beach shuttle which is about a 6-10 minute drive from the resort.

We were taken to a beautiful café on the beach where you can have a sea bath, play with friendly dogs while enjoying food and drink from the beach shack. One of my favorite things about Sri Lanka are the tropical beaches and Cocoon Resorts makes sure to take their guests to the cleanest and finest beach located closest to the hotel.

Once the sun started to set after our fun and exciting day spend at the beach, the spa and long swims in the resort we were served traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry for dinner by the resorts finest chef. The way all the flavors and spices touch every taste bud is truly magical. Writing this post now I'm starting to crave the food at Cocoon again.

Of course a bubble bath in a jacuzzi is a must at the end of a day when staying at Cocoon Resorts, how can you not? Since Cocoon Resorts is one of my favorite resorts I've visited I want you guys to experience a glimpse of absolute bliss and luxury that awaits you. For a discount or free massage at Cocoons finest spa use promo code - LovePlate discount/spa, this is your chance to make a booking at Cocoon Resorts for an unforgettable get away! Follow these steps to apply for the promo code.

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To have a look at the ariel view of the beautiful resort click on the link below




April 24, 2017, 3:19 p.m.

bread basket with olives, kiwi and water melon juice, chicken souvlaki and margarita pizza

Hi chicky bananas! So I thought why not write about the restaurants I visit in Abu Dhabi and Dubai as well for all my UAE followers. I wanted to take my sister out for lunch and I came across shimmers. The first thing I have to say is, I've visited Dubai a hundred times and I've never been to this little tropical side of Dubai. It made me feel like I was back in Pattaya (Thailand) but only more luxurious! The location is absolutely beautiful with the view of Burj Al Arab from the restaurant and the shisha lounge, a billion plus points because it's literally planted on the beach. The staff at the entrance of the restaurant could be a little more polite and need to greet their guests with a smile but the waiters were super sweet.

Kiwi & watermelon juice - For the price of the juice it came in a much smaller glass than expected but both were really fresh with no additional sugar added. Just the way we like it! Their beverage menu has quite a lot of varieties to chose from.

Margarita pizza - The pizza at shimmer is one of their signature dishes, so I decided to give it a go! The pizza bread was really nice and thin but I think there could have been a little more cheese on it. It's a little bland at first but if you're a person who enjoys white sauce pasta instead of red sauce I think you might like this one.

Chicken souvlaki - Since our trip to Greece my sister hadn't eaten the souvlaki, so I told her to go for it. The portions at the restaurant are quite generous, we struggled to almost finish our food. She said the chicken was really good with the pita bread and the chunky fries. I tried the fries and the bread with the dip and is was absolutely delicious!

We were too stuffed to order dessert after our meals but I will definitely visit Shimmers on the beach again, maybe during winter to order a lighter meal so that I can try out their dessert. One of the best atmospheres in Dubai!

Price range - 200+dhs for two

Location    - Madinat Jumeirah

Open hours  - 12-11:30pm 



Mövenpick Hotel Colombo

April 12, 2017, 1:35 p.m.

Today we wanted to try out a few dishes at the Ayu restaurant and while we were going through the menu we discovered that a few dishes were the same price as the buffet, so we decided to try that out instead. The buffet is approximately 2900lkr per person which I think is quite reasonable for a buffet. I find that when I do secret reviews it's more authentic and I have the same experience I would have if I went as a normal guest, where as when I'm invited to a hotel or restaurant they are prepared and they make sure nothing goes wrong. We were offered complimentary beverages as we sat down at the buffet.

The starters - The starters was my favorite part of the whole buffet! With an awesome variety of salads, breads, cheese, seafood and sushi. As I've heard the hotel is a business budget hotel, so the variety of starters were pretty impressive and delicious aswell!

Action station - My friend orderd the lamb kebabs and I had the vegetarian white sauce pasta with fish cutlets. She said that the kebabs were really good and well cooked so that's good for all you meat lovers. The fish cutlets were the ordinary fish filling, nothing too special about it... although what more could I expect from a cutlet? the pasta was nice and creamy, I think I could manage to make this at home as well but I did enjoy it.

Main course - I was a little disappointed with the main course spread after having such a good spread with the starters. There wasn't much variety to chose from but I have to say whatever I served was full of flavor and cooked well. I just wish there were more dishes that went together as a proper meal. A lot of the mains were just cooked vegetable dishes, so this is a good option for all you vegetarians out there!

Dessert - The dessert was arranged on a table slightly away from the buffet in a separate room. The cheesecake and chocolate cake were really good! The caramel tasted like it was one of those instant caramel mixes but the cake was really good.

After lunch we went up to the pool to chill and the ambience was so nice! I didn't want to leave the roof top, we wanted to have a drink but found out the bar was only opening at 5pm. Definitely need to drop by at 5pm to check out their bar. Let me know if you guys end up going here and how your experience was :) Happy Avrudu guys!