March 2, 2018, 10:54 a.m.

Hi Guys!

My palmstone retreat review is finally up and I received a lot of inquirers specifically about the waterfall. This hotel review was a paid collaboration with palmstone retreat. Getting to the hotel was quite tricky as the roads are super rocky and narrow. I have to mention that before any of you curse me on your way up to the hotel. I highly recommend that you travel during the day time as it might be quite difficult in the night because it's pretty much in the middle of a jungle. They also offer other activities like white water rafting, rock sliding, bird watching, hiking and so many more fun activities! I'll add their website below so you guys can check out everything Palmstone has to offer their guests. 

As we arrived we were taken to the Araliya suite which has it's own sauna and jacuzzi. I highly recommend you to stay in this villa if you're heading to palmstone for two nights as you have your own privacy. My favorite part was that there was a waterfall right outside out room which Nayan and I walked to and spent our Sunday morning hopping from rock to rock. The main waterfall that you all inquired about is quite far from the hotel. It's about a 25-30 minute trek uphill which is a little tiering but totally worth it! I think heading to the waterfall early morning is the best time for a trek as Nayan and I went early afternoon and it was just a little too warm. there is a guide assigned from the hotel who takes you whenever you prefer to visit and he is super friendly! 

The rooms are facilitated with everything from a blowdryer to an ironing board, different types of teas and other basic room amenities. The bed is super comfortable which you guys would have seen on my stories. The room in which we stayed is was very spacious with a seating area as well. Another one of my favorite parts was that they had a selection of movies and tv series which you order. I hurt my foot on the first day so Nayan and I decided to have dinner in the room and we ordered ourselves a dvd as well. 

A few of you asked me if I had signals on my phone and I didn't have any signals pretty much the whole time I was there. However, they do have wifi in every room and the restaurant as well. I think it's also good to get away and have a relaxing weekend. It works both ways but Nayan and I kept picturing ourselves in a horror movie running through the jungle and not having any signals to call anyone for help. The food was also pleasantly surprising as it was better than I expected it to be.I wouldn't say it's the best nasi, or best soup I've had but it was quite good. I also have to mention that the staff is super friendly and welcoming which makes you feel at home. The hotel was fully booked the weekend we visited and we got to know a few foreigners who had specifically come to palmstone retreat to visit the waterfall. 

If I had to rate my stay at Palmstone retreat it would be a 7/10 which is pretty good. It was fun to do something different with Nayan as oppose to our usual hotel visits. This time we were able to be a little adventurous with trekking and sitting at the edge of waterfalls together. I hope you guys enjoyed another one of our videos. If there are any questions you have about our stay at Palmstone retreat leave your comment down below and I will answer them tonight.




Aug. 23, 2017, 11:43 a.m.

Hi guys, Finally my Kabalana hotel by celiao villas is done! I haven't posted or spoken to you guys in quite sometime and I'm happy to be back on Instagram posting again. Nayan and I were invited for two night to the kabalana hotel by celiao villas and we couldn't be more happier. Since it was falling on my sisters birthday weekend so she decided to join us as well for the second night with her boyfriend. We made friends with amazing people all the way from France and it truly made it the best hotel review we have done so far.

We couldn't spend the first whole day as we had a wedding to attend so we drove straight to the hotel after the wedding and checked in at night. We went straight to bed to wake up early the next day so that we didn't waste any time sleeping in. Our room was very spacious and comfortable, my favorite part was the bathroom! Half the bathroom was an open roof which gave it a whole outdoor feel and when you look up all you see is the blue sky and coconut trees. That was my favorite part about our room and the bathrooms as very spacious as well with all the toiletries provided. 

After we woke up we headed straight to breakfast to start our day. There is not much of a variety in food just like the Colombo hotel. The breakfast is vegetarian and during our two night stay we tried the Sri Lankan omelette, scrambled eggs, fried eggs and two banana stuffed pancakes that comes with a mix fruit juice. After having breakfast we headed straight to the pool with our floaty friend where we made quite a lot of friends because of the famous unicorn floaty. Everyone wanted a picture with him and we had quite a nice time in the pool getting to know everyone. I also met the lady who is in charge of all the Louis Vuitton photoshoots in France. The staff is very attentive and friendly, they got our permission before they cleaned our room which I thought was really nice and we had a little surprise on our bed with flowers when we got back. 

I love the ambience at the kabalana hotel by celiao villas as it was quite peaceful and even though most of the rooms were booked the place did not seem crowded or uncomfortable to relax in. The villas and pathways are unlike any other hotel I've stayed in, the four of us really enjoyed our time over the weekend. 

I highly recommend this place if you're looking for a relaxing weekend get away and if you still want to explore, Galle fort is a 20 minute drive away. We headed to Galle fort for my sisters birthday dinner and headed back to the hotel where we cut a cake at 12am and we even had two of our friends we made at the hotel join us. This was my favorite hotel I've been invited to, the pictures were easy to capture as every single corner at the Kabalana hotel makes every picture look good. 

If you guys liked this post make sure to click on the heart below and if you do have any questions please leave them down in the comments below and I will answer them asap. You can also book this entire villa for birthdays or special occasions which I think is so amazing! Do check them out at




March 7, 2018, 4:21 a.m.

Hi guys,

As you all know working with Asia leisure has been some of my favorite reviews so far! They never fail to make us feel at home at any of their properties. We visited Tamarind Hill in Galle which a colonial style luxury hotel situated within a mile of the Galle fort. It's said to be the perfect blend of old world hospitality and contemporary luxury and I couldn't agree more! 

The staff was ever so attentive and I loved the fact that they serve tamarind tea upon arrival. If you wake up early enough for breakfast you'll be surprised to see peacocks roaming around the garden and it's a beautiful sight while enjoying your breakfast. Just like any Asia leisure hotel the food did not disappoint! From lunch to dinner and breakfast, everything we had was made to perfection. The staff also surprised us with a romantic dinner by the pool and I thought that was the sweetest gesture that they wanted to make our stay even more special. You'll find the pool at the bottom of the stairs across the garden. I absolutely love where the pool is located as it's away from the building and you're free to have a dip at your own leisure. There are two bars at tamarind Hill, an indoor and outdoor pool bar. Guests are free to enjoy a cocktail at any time of the day.

We stayed in one of the suites and I cannot begin to tell you how amazing our room was! Apart from the bed being super comfortable one of my favorite parts was the bathroom as it was so spacious and I love enjoying a bubble bath at the end of every stay. Nayan's favorite part of the room was the large balcony. We infect opted to have lunch on the balcony to enjoy some cool breeze along with the view. Tamarind hill is the perfect place if you're looking for a peaceful getaway to relax with family, friends or even to visit by yourself. I hope you guys enjoyed another one of my reviews. Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding my stay at Tamarind Hill and I would be happy to answer them for you.