June 18, 2017, 10:47 a.m.

the drawing room - a common room for guests to lounge in, play a board game or relax

the tv room - also has a couple of books and two study tabels

sneaky candid

thambili, fruit platters, smoked salmon with cream cheese in english muffin, egg hoppers and plain hoppers with pol sambol and onion sambol, four different types of bread with two kinds of jam, cheese and mushroom omelette with grilled tomato and potatoes on the side and kola khanda.

Hello my chicky bananas! I need to start off this hotel review by saying that even though I had tagged the location of this charming place, I received quite a few messages asking me where it is and to post more pictures. So I think I will spare you guys sometime and just say I think we both know how stunning and charming the owl and the pussycat is! When they invited me over for a hotel review/collaboration I was super excited, because I discovered that not many people were even aware that the owl and the pussycat existed, which was quite disappointing. The owl and the pussycat was named after the famous poem by Edward Lear which you would have seen more of in my video.  

The owl and the pussycat is located in Talpe, Sri Lanka. Very easy to find and it took us just about 2 hours to reach (stopped for snack). I have been to a couple of places downsouth but this was the first time I was visiting Talpe and I've heard such good things about the Talpe beach. You will be even more excited when you walk in to the hotel and notice the that the beach is literally the hotels back yard. The Talpe beach is honestly one of the nicest beaches I've been to down south. Slightly clear waters, clean and quite shallow! 

As we entered we were immediately greeted outside as soon as we parked the car as they were expecting our arrival. Immediate assistance with the bags and I thought that was very welcoming of the staff instead of waiting for us to walk in to the office. Shortly after check in we were informed that we have been upgraded to a suite during our stay for the collaboration as it was vacant at the time. So we were quite grateful and happy about that aswell, I mean who wouldn't prefer a suite over a standard room?

Since we were upgraded to the piggy suite I have to say that there was nothing short in our room. From extra blankets, to cotton buds, proper sized toiletries, our little kitchen was stocked with bowls, plates, an electric cooker, mugs and glasses and our living room area had magazines and a little welcome basket by the hotel with munchies, a bottle of wine and a welcome note which was very cute and personalized. During our one night stay our room was cleaned three times to make sure our stay was as comfortable as possible. The owl and the pussycat also have larger rooms for a larger crowd with two bedrooms, a proper kitchen, two bathrooms, a spacious living room area and a large balcony. Rooms like this are perfect if you're traveling with friends or family!

After we were shown around our room we then headed down to the pool and we were offered thambili (coconut water), we were given the choice of any drink upon our welcome. The staff was so polite and friendly that they made sure to check up on us from time to time to ask us if we needed assistance with anything. We had late lunch with the view of the ocean, with the shade from the coconut trees and it was just a perfect meal. I'm not going in to detail about our lunch and dinner as it was not apart of the collaboration but my dinner was absolutely delicious, it was my favorite thing I ate during our stay at Owl and the pussycat! A lot of you guys asked me the prices but as you know I do not pay for my stay during collaborations. However I did have to pay for lunch, dinner and service charge which added up to 14,600lkr if that helps.

Breakfast - When we arrived at the restaurant after a wonderful time coral hunting at the beach, we were served with a few varieties from the menu so that I can tell you guys which one was my favorite. I've listed each and everything we tried under our breakfast picture above. Nayan's favorite was the smoked salmon with cream cheese in English muffin. He enjoyed it so much that I had a bite and gave him mine as well and my favorite dish was the cheese and mushroom omelette with grilled tomato and potatoes on the side. The fruit platters were both fresh and delicious! The mango and watermelon was my favorite and it was the first time I tried star fruit and that was quite interesting. We were also offered tea and coffee after breakfast but we were both so stuffed after an amazing feast that we could not have anything else after. 

The pool is nice and shallow with no dramatic deep end, the water hit me above my waist which is nice and perfect for a relaxing dip. The owl and the pussycat also has a gym, a tv lounge, a drawing room for guests to relax if the weather is bad outside, yoga activities, a little corner by the beach if you're in the mood for a massage and the hotel is located close to the road incase you want to explore the town a bit. 

To end this review I need to say that my favorite thing about my stay with the owl and pussycat was the amazing staff, the atmosphere, interior of the rooms, the beach and basically everything else!I just wish there was an actual kitten around for the crazy cat lady that I am. Thank you for all your messages on Instagram regarding this post. I hope I helped you guys decide that you need to visit the owl and the pussycat because it truly is such a charm. I hope you guys have an amazing week ahead!




Jan. 23, 2018, 9:35 a.m.

Roof Top Pool & Vistas Bar

Robata Grill & Lounge

Junior Suite


Hi Guys!

Mövenpick was our first hotel review for this year which was a long over due review, but I was happy we were finally able to do it. We were upgraded to their junior suite which we really appreciated and I also think providing us with one of the best rooms helps the hotel with the review as well. I was asked to review their restaurant AYU which is all day dinning and one of their other restaurants as well. The brasserie is a French bistro within the hotel and the other is robot grill & lounge which is a Japanese restaurant. We only had time to review the all day dinning, the roof top bar and one other restaurant, so we went with the Japanese because Nayan is slightly obsessed with sushi and wanted to try it out. 

VISTAS - Vistas is the roof top bar at Mövenpick Colombo with the Jacuzzi and pool on the other side over looking the ocean. It opens at 5.30pm which I highly recommend to visit the bar at that time to catch the sunset as well. We asked the waiter what he would like us to feature and he recommend us their signature drinks which was the achcharu inspired by Mövenpick Colombo, kiwi granate and a juice of our choice. The achcharu cocktail is a blend of tequila, salt infused raw mango, ambarella, pineapple, black pepper and chili flakes. The cocktail version of this is Rs.990 and the virgin is Rs.690. I love achcharu, sometimes when I'm home I'll just cut up fruit and add chili to it. It's one of my favorite things to eat and I crave for it a lot so I was really keen on trying this interesting cocktail. I absolutely LOVED this! If you like achcharu I highly recommend you try this one out. I've never had a cocktail like this before and it's definitely something you can sip on and enjoy every sip of. The Kiwi Granate comes with a special rum, pomegranate and kiwi. The prices for the cocktail and virgin are exactly the same as the achcharu drink. This one was slightly stronger for me but I did enjoy it a lot. You could ask them to reduce the ice as it comes with quite a lot of ice in it. I also also recommend you ask for a little spoon because why waste all that kiwi and pomegranate?! I didn't do it but I probably shouldn't have wasted good fruit. The juice was like any other juice, super fresh with no additional sugar added. Our drinks were served within 5-10 minutes after we ordered which I thought was pretty impressive as we got to watch them prepare them as well. 

POOL & JACUZZI - The jacuzzi is closer to the bar so I did not feel comfortable relaxing while people were around me and I was the only one in it. However the pool has more privacy and you get a nice view of the ocean and sunset while having a swim. The staff by the pool were very attentive, as soon as we arrived they prepared a pool bed for us and greeted us which was really nice. 

ROBATA GRILL & LOUNGE - After we enjoyed our drinks at Vistas we headed down to review their Japanese restaurant. I really like the ambience of the place so Nayan and I decided to sit at the counter so that we could see how the sushi is being prepared. From the sushi rolls Nayan ordered the California roll (crab and avocado Rs.1290) and the rainbow (tune, Salomon, shrimp, grouper & avocado placed on California roll Rs.2450). My favorite part was watching the chefs prepare these dishes, so carefully and passionately. Nayan absolutely loved the sushi rolls and he wants to visit robata grill again next week! I on the other hand do not enjoy sushi whatsoever but I do love other Japanese dishes. I ordered the Yakisoba which is fried egg noodle with bacon, shrimp & vegetables (Rs.1550). I ordered the noodles without bacon because I am pescatarian for all my new followers who did not know that. We immediately noticed that parts of my dish were moving and I thought that it was onions moving for the A/C until a couple of you told me that it was some sort of shaved fish which moves because it's finely cut. If I had known it was bits of fish scales moving I probably wouldn't have eaten the dish. I'm so glad I thought it was onions because I really did enjoy their yakisoba. The noodles were a bit like maggi but it had a really good flavor to it. We also tried their garlic rice which was my favorite of the night! I really recommend you to try a portion of their garlic rice because it is SO GOOD! It was lovely meeting the executive chef and being able to see how these dishes are being prepared. We really did enjoy our dinning experience at Robata grill.

JUNIOR SUITE - After dinner we headed up to our room where we had a complimentary fruit basket, chocolates, cookies and wine. I love the fact that we had a bath tub in the middle of our room where I was able to enjoy a warm bubble bath while watching a movie. The bathroom is well stocked with additional toothbrushes, combs, shower gel, shampoo etc. The room is quite spacious with a lounge area, a desk over looking to ocean and my favorite part is always the bed. I had such a difficult time getting out of bed in the morning but I did it for the food at Ayu. Click the link down below to check out more information about their rooms and suites,

AYU - I have been to Ayu before on a Tuesday if I remember correctly when they had newly opened. My friend and I went for their lunch buffet and we weren't to happy with the choice of mains. the starters however were fantastic, so I wanted to check their all day dinning since it's been sometime since the opening. As always their starters have a wide variety. They honestly have the best muffins I've had in such a long time! The mains at Ayu are a mix of western, Sri Lankan and Indian dishes to chose from. There is an entire bread section with Danish pastries, doughnuts, different types of bread, muffins, croissants and anything else that belongs to this family that you can think of. I also love that there is a fresh juice station which I have not seen in many Colombo hotels. There's also a hopper station and the egg hoppers were absolutely delicious! Thumbs up from me for their breakfast buffet, oh and there's also an omelette station where you can get any type of omelette or fried eggs, scrambled eggs and half boiled eggs. 

Before we left Mövenpick, Nayan and I decided to have the world famous Mövenpcik ice cream which is in the lobby cafe with a selection of cupcakes and cakes. The cupcake was little dry but the ice cream was amazing as always! I hope you all enjoyed my first hotel review for this year and I hope you all have a great weekend and visit one of these restaurant! 




Aug. 6, 2017, 7:19 a.m.

Hello guys!

This weekend Nayan and I were invited to BedSpace in Unawatuna which has a nice guest house vibe to it. I want to do more reviews with guest houses or private villas, instead of hotels all the time so that I do have variation for you guys to choose from before booking your weekend getaway.

Bedspace is super easy to find if you just put it on google maps, it's pretty hard to miss. They do not have parking within their premises so we had to park a few meters ahead on a bare land, which is usually their parking spot and it is suppose to be very safe. As we arrived we were greeted by Paige who is the manager at Bed space. She also purchased a dress from X.TINA the day the pup collection was out, so I was excited to deliver her package to her myself. As I walked in to the guest house I noticed that they had a few well trained cats with cute little collars and bells roaming around. I was excited to know that they had adopted 6 cats and also had 2 dogs! Rocky the dog is the main guy that runs around at Bed Space. It was quite difficult to get a picture with him but I managed to get a snap with both dogs before leaving, you will see more of it on my instagram! All of the animals are very friendly and gentle so theres no need to worry.

One of the mains attractions at BedSpace is their restaurant. It's been the number 1 restaurant on trip advisor for Unawatuna for over a year and it's also in the top 10 best restaurants in the southern province! We were pretty impressed by that and we were looking forward to dinner and breakfast.

After we settled in we headed down to the restaurant and had two smoothies and salads. I had a raw beetroot salad and I actually enjoyed it, picture is up on my instagram and yes, I enjoyed a RAW salad! Bed space is not location on the beach so it's a 5 minute walk to the beach from a little short cut. The walk is quite nice, I was able to take some nice photographs for X.TINA Instagram and we also had a look at the shops on our way to the beach. If you prefer not to walk, there are plenty of trishaws that are willing to take you the short distance. 

After heading back from our relaxing time at the beach, we freshened up and headed down for dinner. The atmosphere is really nice at night especially with the lights and the music. The restaurant was quite full with outside guests dinning in. Nayan ordered a chicken burger and I ordered the prawn pad Thai and a glass of white wine. Pad Thai is also a dish I really enjoy occasionally so I thought I would go for it. I have to say the plating at Bed Space looks absolutely incredible! The chicken burger is not your typical burger. This comes with some sort of pita bread instead of a burger bun and it was filled with absolute goodness! He really enjoyed his dinner with a side of thick fries as well. As for my pad Thai the first mouth I took I noticed that the noodle was quite hard to chew. This was me comparing all the other pad thais I've had and this was the first time the noodle was quite difficult to chew. When we spoke to the waiter he was kind enough to replace my dish with a new one but I honestly think it's the type of noodle they use. The prawns however were so good and the flavor overall of the pad Thai was really, really good! 

The next morning we woke up around 8am and headed down for breakfast. What I love about Bed space is breakfast is available the whole day! There is really no need to rush and try and make it before breakfast finishes. A few of you guys asked me if they had a pool and no, there is no pool at bed space but the beach is just a 5 minute walk away. Sundays special was cowboy eggs with beans. The breakfast was my favorite meal we had during our stay with BedSpace. Instead of the beans Nayan had bacon and two sausages and he loved it as much as I did! It's got a slight Mexican touch to it the way the dish looks, don't you think? The beans also had a slight Mexican flavor to it, if I'm not mistaken. Breakfast also comes with toasted bread and jam with juice and tea/coffee. The whole breakfast comes on a pita bread and I really enjoyed the breakfast ALOT!

The rooms are quite spacious and very clean. Our bed was super comfortable and I had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. I wanted to sleep for slightly longer, while Nayan was more interested in seeing what was there for breakfast haha! They also have a cat named Kiki who is also black and white like my Kiki who was at home, so I decided to feature Kiki in this blog post. You will see more of our stay in our video, so stay tuned to my Instagram not to miss it!

Bed space is the perfect place if you're looking to get away from typical hotels and just relax and enjoy the company in a guest house. Surrounded by awesome people, animals and amazing food, you're definitely in for a good weekend getaway! hope you guys had a great weekend as well! Please don't hesitate to comment down below this post if you have any questions about my stay at Bed Space.