Feb. 12, 2018, 6:57 a.m.

Hello Guys,

Valentine's Day is just two days away and if you still haven't made plans with your partner, family or friends this is the perfect place for you! The Curve has special Valentine's Day cocktails lined up for you on the 14th along with delicious snacks to chose from their tapas menu. The ambience can cater to any type of outing whether you're heading out on a date night or a night out with your family or friends I think the atmosphere can adopt to any type of occasion. We were served four of their Valentine's Day specials along with two dishes from their tapas menu. Starting from top to bottom...

Love Buzz - This was a martini with vodka, cream de cacao, raspberry puree and espresso (rs.920) This was similar to a drink I had in my previous review. What I liked about this cocktail was that the espresso flavor wasn't overpowering. Sometimes similar drinks can taste like a strong coffee, mixed with vodka that was left out in the cold over night. This was tastefully made with just the right amount of of everything. 

Tequila Sparkling - This beauty was a tall glass of tequila, sparkling wine, lime juice and sugar syrup (rs.1200) Even though this drink is slightly pricey compared to most cocktails, I think one would just do the trick. The tequila is quite strong in this one so sipping on one would be more than enough. Out of the four cocktails this was the perfect one to beat the heat as well, as it was light and bubbly too. 

Crush - The crush comes with peach snaps, triple sec, chop apple, orange zest, pineapple juice and red wine (rs.875). This reminded me of a punch with all the chopped apples on the bottom, it definitely is a very fruity drink. If you're in to sweet cocktails the crush at curve is perfect for you!

Sweet Affair - The sweet affair is a combination of rum, sweet vermouth, pomegranate syrup and tea extract (rs.875). I have to say all these cocktails are such interesting blends of different ingredients which all work together so perfectly. This is definitely a drink that any one can enjoy which can cater to everyones preferences. 

Tapas - The smoked salmon with the cream cheese capers (Rs.850) was absolutely mouth watering! I became a smoked salmon fan a few years ago and if it's on a menu it's something I definitely have to try. The dish at curve did not disappoint me one bit and we all really enjoyed it. The next thing that we got was the lightly breaded chicken strips (rs.650) which comes with a chili and mayonnaise dip and Nayan and my sister really like this one as well, I had to remind Nayan to slow down a bit with the strips. Sadly, I could not try it but it looked so good! 

SPECIAL OFFER - Currently there's a deal going on for Valentine's Day, buy 2 cocktails get 1 tapas free! I think this is a fantastic deal where you can get snacks for free at curve. Definitely try out the smoked salmon or the chicken strips and make sure you don't forget about this special deal when you head over to curve on the 14th!

I hope you guys enjoyed another one of my reviews. It's amazing that most of you have the similar taste as me and I love that you guys let me know which dish/drink you ordered after reading one of my reviews. I hope you guys have a lovely Valentine's Day. I personally have never celebrated it but if it includes an awesome deal with cocktails and tapas why not?!;) I'll speak to all of you very soon.




Oct. 16, 2018, 4:01 a.m.

Hi Guys!

On Saturday we visited bowl'd which is a newly opened restaurant down sea avenue in Colombo. On their story about how bowl'd was coined they wanted people in Sri Lanka to have a healthier option for fast food. They are a quick service restaurant that aims to help create delicious and healthy meals that use fresh produce and seasonal ingredients. Bowl'd primarily focuses on Poké bowls, which originates from Hawaii. It traditionally consists of raw fish that has been marinated in umami-packed sauces, paired with vegetables and topped over rice. Bowl'd has put it's own healthier twist on this by giving you lot's of different options so that you can build your own bowl however you like! They also cater to a wide range of diets from vegan, vegetarian, low carb and gluten free so that there is something for everyone. We tried one appetizer, a Poké bowl and a Nana bowl.

Poké Nachos - This was recommended to us because we could not decide what to go with. It's  sashimi salmon & tuna with spicy soy, marinade. Tempura battered seaweed chips with spring onions, tobiko, panko, and wasabi mayo. Loved everything about this starter from the flavors to the presentation of the dish. The seaweed chips were my favorite, it's definitely something to try at bowl'd. (Rs.750)

Dragon Fruit Nana Bowl - Since we headed to the restaurant at 4pm I was in a mood for something sweet or fruity. Nana bowls are vegan ice cream with frozen banana's blended to a soft cream like consistency and flavored with seasonal fruits and veggies. If you head over to bowl'd specifically for the dragon fruit ice cream it's best to check with them first if it's available to avoid disappointment. It's perfect to sit back, relax and enjoy a little bowl of chilled goodness. The portion of the nana bowl is perfect and it's topped with house made granola and coconut chips which blend perfectly with the fruits. (Rs750)

Spicy Salmon Poké Bowl - This bowl consists of sashimi salmon, spicy soy sauce, edamame, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, avocado, tobiko, wakame, wonton crisp and wasabi mayo. The base for Poké bowls can be chosen from either white or red rice and garnished with spring onions, sesame seeds, pickled cucumbers and pickled ginger. I have to say that the portion of this was quite generous as well and absolutely delicious. For those of you who asked, there is a teriyaki chicken bowl available too. The menu at bowl'd hasn't left anyone out when it comes to options. (L rs.1250 & S rs.1050)

All the sauces used in the dishes are homemade. They also do not use refined sugar in any of their sauces. Especially in the Nana bowls, drinks or sweets only kithul is substituted for sugar. As I mentioned on my Instagram, the ambience at bowl'd is very cozy and home like. I love a restaurant that takes care of street dogs and cats and if you're lucky you'll meet at least one when you visit. They are super friendly and won't bother you, try to spot sashimi the kitten in one of the above photos. I hope you guys enjoyed another one of my reviews. I have another one coming up this week, so stay tuned!




July 8, 2018, 7:52 a.m.

Hi guys!

On Saturday we visited the Maharaja Palace restaurant for lunch. Nayan and I had been here before for one of our date nights and the both of us absolutely loved the restaurant back then. What I love about Maharaja Palace is that it's in a prime location in Colombo. The Chefs are Indian and they make sure to use all natural ingredients which are imported from India, especially the saffron that is used. It's a family oriented restaurant so you can definitely expect a decent crowd at all times with a very welcoming atmosphere. We met with the executive chef who took us around the kitchen which I was pleasantly surprised with. It's more spacious than the kitchens I've seen at a five star hotel restaurant and it's one of the cleanest spaces I've seen. Chef Abu has been working in Saudi at the intercontinental for 20 years and has been with the Maharaja restaurant since 2012. So you can imagine that his food is of high quality and standards. We asked Chef Abu to recommend us a couple of dishes from the menu and we ended up with 17 items!


Strawberry & Mango Lassie - Me being my basic self I always order the sweet lassie to be on the safer side. I never really tried a flavored lassie so I was excited to check them out. My favorite was definitely the strawberry lassie as it's more sweeter than the mango. I have a huge sweet tooth which maybe why I leaned to that more. I would definitely go for the strawberry lassie the next time, it's so much better than a regular one. 

Tandoori Lobster - This is a starter of a whole lobster marinated in saffron flavored tandoori spices and cooked in a tandoori oven and it truly is a shellfish lovers delight! I mean a picture speaks a thousand words and I think the tandoori lobster screams delicious a thousand times. I highly recommend this starter because it's not something we would lean towards or be daring enough to order at an Indian restaurant but it is simply amazing! From the presentation of the dish to the marination of the lobster is absolute perfection. (Rs.5000)

Prawns Kalmiri - Prawns marinated in yoghurt which are infused with fresh crushed black pepper corns which are then skewered and chargrilled. It comes with 10 prawns which is a perfect starter to share until the mains arrive. The black pepper corns add so much flavor to the prawns and it's a new addition to the Maharaja menu. You guys know that Indian food is one of my favorite cuisines but Chef Abu really puts a lot of heart and work in to his dishes and it shows through the presentation of the dishes and most importantly the strong flavors that I fell in love with. (Rs.1200)

Chicken Khatta Pyaza Tikka - The third starter was tender boneless chicken cubes marinated with kashmiri chillies with brown onions and spices. The combination of these ingredients reaches the perfect tangy spicy flavor in the chicken. Nayan said that this was his favorite dish that we tried as it's the first time his tried the chicken khatta pyaza tikka. He wouldn't stop talking about this starter even after we left the restaurant, so definite thumbs up from Nayan and it's at a very affordable price too considering how much marination goes in to this dish! (Rs.850)

Mushroom Maharaja - This is for all my vegetarians reading this review! The mushroom maharaja is whole mushrooms stuffed with cheese, marinated in a mildly spiced yoghurt mix which is also skewered and chargrilled. This starter is said to be a house speciality and is loved by many. I can definitely see why! It's a dish even non vegetarians will enjoy, the cheese stuffing and the yoghurt marination works perfectly together! (Rs.950)

Fish Tikka - This preparation is similar to the last which is boneless Modha fish cubes marinated in yoghurt spices which is skewered and chargrilled. Anything chargrilled has become one of my favorites after this review. I really did enjoy this starter too but If I had to chose being pescatarian I would definitely go for the prawns or lobster! (Rs.1100)

Lunch at the restaurant starts from 11 30am - 2 30pm and dinner is from 6 30pm - 11 00pm every day. Maharaja Palace has an Indian chef specifically for all tandoor dishes. They also do outside catering for events and the kebabs are one of their specialities when it comes to that. The restaurant is also Halal certified incase any of my muslim followers were wondering. So this place really does cater to everyone! 


Butter Chicken - I'm sure you all know that this use to be one of my favorite dishes to order at an Indian restaurant, I'm sure most of you like this dish too! The shredded tandoori chicken cooked in a rich herb butter flavored in tomato gravy goes perfectly with the cheese naan at the Maharaja Palace. (Rs.950) 

Paneer Makhani - This my alternative to the butter chicken which is of similar flavor and color. Cubes of cottage cheese cooked in a rich herb butter and favored with tomato gravy. It's very much similar and is a great combo with the naan and a dhal. (Rs.800)

Dhal Tadka - Yellow lentils cooked with herb and spices, tempered with cumin seeds, chili and garlic. This is another classic which makes the perfect trio with the butter chicken and naan. You can't just order naan and a curry, there has to be a dhal tadka. (Rs.750)

Maharaja Prawns Dum Biryani - Chef Abu did not let us leave without trying one of his biryani dishes. This particular one is new to the menu so we decided to go with this and also because it was something we all could have tried. The prawns are cooked in aromatic spices which are then layered with saffron infused long basmati rice, cooked on a low heat 'dum' style. If you're a rice lover like me then you're pretty much going to be ordering a biryani at the Maharaja Palace too. The biryanis vary from Rs.850 - Rs.1350. 


Faluda - This drink is a speciality at the Maharaja Palace so they insisted that we tried it before we left. It's sometimes considered a dessert purely because of how sweet it is and it's topped with a scoop of ice cream. If I had to chose from all three drinks that we tried I would definitely go for the strawberry lassie if I was going to order dessert and the faluda if I wasn't.

Kulfi - Kulfi is traditional Indian ice cream made of thickened saffron flavored milk, almonds and cashew nuts. This dessert needs to be eaten before the tower melts. Indian sweets are not my favorite as I prefer the food much better to the sweets and desserts. But it's always nice to end a meal with trying something from the dessert menu. This is a great option if you're a fan of ice cream and prefer a cooler dessert as most others are served warm. The Kulfi is made in house from scratch and the chef is very particular about getting it to perfection. (Rs.450)

Gulab Jamun - This is the Indian version of warm donuts floating in warm sweet sugar syrup. I'm sure most of you know what this dessert is, you either love it or hate it. I did have a try after Nayan told me how good it was and I have to agree. It wasn't overpoweringly sweet which I loved. Most places make the syrup quite strong and you end up having a sugar rush. This was my favorite out of all the desserts we tried! (Rs.450)

Shahi Keer - A traditional Basmati rice pudding, flavored with almonds and pistachios which is a new addition to the Maharaja Palace dessert menu. This was my second favorite dessert as it reminded me a bit of porridge. The raisins are the perfect topping for this dessert and I can see my father enjoying this one. (Rs.450)

Carrot Halwa - Sweetened grated carrots cooked with reduced milk also known as carrot pudding. This dessert is served warm and it reminded me of a carrot sandwich my grandmother use to make when I was small. It isn't sweet it has a neutral flavor to it which can be perfect after trying so many flavors and dishes. (Rs. 350)

Maharaja Palace also has five private dinning rooms which are located upstairs. The smaller rooms hold 8 people and the larger 24. There's also no corkage fee which is perfect if you want to rent one of these rooms for any function. The restaurant is mainly rented out for mehendi functions and birthday parties with a carpark that can accommodate 30-40 vehicles with 130 seating inside of the restaurant. They also have delivery which is perfect for when you crave Indian food but you don't want to leave the house! Writing this review was quite difficult looking back at all the dishes we tried on Saturday. I can't wait to try out their delivery service next week. Will definitely keep you guys posted about it on my instagram stories. I hope you guys enjoyed another one of my reviews and this was was pretty detailed. So if you've made it this far, I'm proud of you! I hope you guys have a wonderful week ahead.