Jan. 21, 2017, 3:10 p.m.



a) @prescila_ - How old are you and how tall are you?

   I'll be turning 23 end of January and I am almost 5'8. Yes, I am tall haha! 

b) @dasni_lav - Do you want to go to university and what are your hobbies? 

    I graduated with a fashion design degree two years ago. I can't believe how fast 4 years of college went by... My hobbies at the moment are blogging, modeling and traveling :)

c) @dumai_olshop7 - What is your favorite cuisine?

   I LOVE food to begin with, so I have a few cuisine that I love... Thai, Italian, Indian,   Vietnamese, Chinese, Junk food, Sri Lankan of course. I love food in general and I like any cuisine as long as its not meat :)

d) @yucelife - How many pets do you have?

   This is one of my favorite questions :) I have one dog, a German Sheppard and 6 cats in Sri Lankan and I have two cats in Abu Dhabi. Yes, I'm pretty obsessed.

e) @luigi_nakhodka - Least favorite and most favorite thing to eat?

   My least favorite thing to eat is meat, I haven't eaten meat for almost four years now because of my love for animals. I do eat fish though hence why I am a Pescatarian. I find myself always ordering Mongolian or Nasi cause you can't go wrong with such a dish. I think my most favorite thing to eat is sea food except lobster because I'm allergic to it and of course PIZZA.

f) @alekseyivanov85 - Would you ever start youtube? I really wish you would..

   Thank you! I decided to upload my vlogs on a YouTube channel I created last night. To get notified when my first video is up please subscribe to LOVEPLATE :)                                                                    

g) @arnaldomerald - Any advice on dealing with fake friends?

   I get a lot of people DM me this question and how to avoid negative people from entering your life. I've come across two or three people like this and I would say the best thing is to block them out of your life. Eventually you'll notice that your life is happier and more easy going :)

h) @maurindima - What are you most proud of that's happened in the past two years?

   I would say my career.. In the past two years I've been presented with great opportunities that I am very grateful for. For me being able to earn and stand on my own feet have been so important to me and I am very thankful for being able to do that in the past two years.

i) @roksihair - Who takes your content for the blog?

   I take  all my pictures for the blog, including the videos. That's one reason I started the blog because of the love I had for taking photographs. I edit them myself and whenever I'm in the shots and someone else has to take it, I make sure to adjust the settings in the camera and guide them on how to take the shot so its easier for them :)


j) @jikamchybek - What is your skin care routine?

   My favorite products are the Michael Todd cleansers and toners! I've posted these products on my Instagram sometime ago, I'll add the link below so you can have a look at them. https://www.instagram.com/p/BHY1MQDjIIX/?taken-by=love.plate I use these every night before bed and the charcoal face scrub every morning and that's about it so far. It's essential to always moisturize your skin but I get so lazy... but whenever I do I see a huge difference!

k) @lampochika - Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

   Yes, I have four piercings and one tattoo. Hoping to get one more tattoo done this year which has a lot of meaning to it, cant wait!

l) @oshadiperera - Can you give more information about your workout routine and also your daily makeup routine?

   I haven't worked out since I was 14... I use to do 100 situps daily when I was younger and I haven't ever since. Recently I got into yoga and I've done it a few times and loved it, I just need to practice it more often. 

   My daily makeup routine includes a baby lips lip balm and an eyeliner. I go makeup free whenever possible to give my skin a break from photoshoots and some outings. So try and go makeup free and always moisturize and use a lip balm that works best for you. If you want to know my make up routine for special occasions let me know :) 

m) @dan_zdes - What foundation do you use and what are your biggest makeup tips?

   I use the Clinique beyond perfecting foundation + concealer. It took me a few foundations to figure out what works for me the best. I would say my biggest makeup tips are:

1) Make sure you clean your makeup brushes after every use!

2) Moisturize & prime your face

3) chose a foundation that suites your skin tone the best and make sure your foundation does not oxidize.

4) Always remove your makeup and cleanse your face before going to bed

I have no clue about makeup nor am I a makeup artist but those are my main tips and I try my best to follow them even though I get lazy sometimes..


n) @_Darusha_ - How many countries have you visited?

   I have visited around 14 countries, including Sri Lanka and the UAE. Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Spain, Italy, Vatican City, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Greece.

o) naadaan_ - What country do you wish to travel to next? Please come to Spain!

   I have been to Spain before and I absolutely loved it! I really wanted to visit Goa, India or Maldives. Hopefully I'll be planning my trips for this year soon, fingers crossed! :)

p) @ash_de_ - What is the most beautiful place or country you have been so far?

   There's beauty in every country I've visited and I've always loved every trip I've been on, but one country that touched my heart the most was Greece. Specifically Santorini.. I don't know how someone can not fall in love with Santorini. It truly is heaven on earth and I honestly can't wait to visit Greece again!

q) @sachyy.k_ - I was just wondering how is your life out there in different countries with all the work while being so excited?

   I live between Abu Dhabi and Sri Lanka quite often because I schooled in both countries and had a fair share of life in both countries as well. While I was a fashion designer in Abu Dhabi and travelled to Sri Lanka for photoshoots constantly, it wasn't a stressful task for me because I chose to do what I love and enjoy in life. So work never seemed stressful... That's one way I manage to always be excited about life and opportunities is because my career was my passion.

r) @may_day_ivanovo - Do you prefer living in Sri Lanka or Abu Dhabi?

   I love both countries and they both have their pros and cons. Sri Lanka is always like a holiday for me, majority of my friends are here and I go out more often in Sri Lanka. In Abu Dhabi I have my family and I'm always working there but it's also an easy life there, so it's a bit hard to decide. I love both countries but Sri Lanka a pinch more :) 

I tried to answer as many questions as possible. A lot of the questions were quite similar, related to travel and beauty routines so I picked a few. Thank you to everyone who left a question in the comments :) Stay tuned to my Instagram to find out if you won the give away!